Be trustworthy in sharing God’s Word with others

A week ago, our car decided not to start in a parking lot outside of Shopko on a snowy day in Boise, Idaho. My wife called me on the cell phone and I came to rescue her by jump starting the car and drive it back to our house. A few hours later, when we started to take our daughter to basketball practice, the car didn’t start again. A car not working properly is a frustrating experience. Whether a computer, a washer and dryer, a microwave oven, and even a car, when important appliances or modes of transportation are broken, we quickly discover how dependent we are on these things. We wonder, for instance, how people existed without a microwave oven?


When it comes to cars or even computers, we are grateful to have a repairman we can trust. We know how easily we can be fooled and taken advantage of. We fear being sold a service or an expensive part that we really don’t need. When we find a repairman we can trust, they become more valuable than gold. Fears are removed and a peace of mind takes its place. Their words are received with confidence knowing that they have our best interest at heart.

Building trust with a person is like building a bridge. It takes time and a stable design. One error in design or construction can cause the entire bridge to collapse. God’s Word gives a blueprint, Christ provides us with a perfect example, and the Holy Spirit empowers us with strength that is rooted in perfect love. Christians speak the truth in love by taking time to build trust with a person. By conveying love with the fruits of gentleness, patience, and self-control, we build a bridge that a person feels safe enough to cross and discover more about the real gospel of Jesus Christ. Trust can evaporate quickly when love is absent. A trust in the person who is sharing God’s Word can become a large contributing factor to further studying and pondering the real gospel of Jesus Christ. A trustworthy friend is like having a good repairman. There is peace and safety in knowing that this Christian has their best interest at heart.

When a Christian is provided with an opportunity to share God’s Word, please keep in mind that building a bridge of trust can play an important part in providing more opportunities to the seeds of God’s Word.

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