How to experience the adventure of sharing God’s Word with others

In His Word, God commissions all Christians to go and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:18-20). This is a daunting task in itself. Yet, seen in a new light, we discover that witnessing is not just a command, but an adventure — a unique opportunity to experience and witness God working miracles of faith.

Adventures cause different reactions and may take different forms. For some, the adventure of a ten day hiking and rafting trip through the Grand Canyon or perhaps an African safari would be exhilarating, for others rather intimidating. When it comes to the adventure of witnessing to Mormons, most Christians initially react with more fear than exhilaration.

A way to conquer fear is to be prepared. When a person feels prepared, fears are alleviated and confidence increases. Once people get beyond the fear, sharing God’s Word can become the adventure of a lifetime. It can stretch people further spiritually than they could have ever imagined. More importantly, the joy and reward associated with being used by the Holy Spirit to bring a soul to heaven is truly beyond compare.

Sometimes people have the wrong idea of what it means to be an effective witness. We have a tendency to measure an effective witness by whether or not a person comes to faith or not. But the Bible teaches a much different understanding. An effective witness presents the gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that is understood by the hearer, regardless of a person’s response. For example, Noah was an effective witness even though his hearers didn’t believe him. Christians are ambassadors for Christ who have been mandated to carry an all-important message. The responsibility of how the hearers respond to the message is not the ambassador’s responsibility. The effectiveness of their responsibility is simply to deliver the message. How a hearer responds becomes the responsibility of the work of the Holy Spirit and whether or not the hearer accepts or rejects is message. With this understanding, the pressure is off the ambassador.

The adventure of sharing God’s Word with a Mormon

Christians have a message Mormons need to hear because the eternal consequences are so great! Mormonism is not a Christian religion. Their teaching does not lead people to heaven, but regrettably, is leading them to eternal damnation. Mormonism is a growing religion not only in numbers, but in society’s growing acceptance of Mormonism as mainstream Christianity. People’s itching ears are being drawn away from God’s absolute truth and towards the falsehood that all religions worship the same god. With the idea that people can become exalted and god-like through their works, Mormonism can make sense to many. It is a brilliantly conceived religion that is cloaked in the sheep’s clothing of Christian terminology. Mormonism is becoming the next great world religion threatening the tenets of Christianity.

An amazing adventure awaits to those who choose to be ambassadors of sharing God’s message to Mormons with the saving truth of God’s Word. Christians who embark on this adventure will regularly experience the mystery of how God works — accepting His timetable and trusting the power of His Word to perform miracles of faith.

At Truth in Love Ministry (, our approach in sharing God’s Word rests on the biblical mandate to speak the truth in love. Recognizing the common fears and frustrations associated with witnessing to Mormons, our ministry prepares and equips Christians by accomplishing three important objectives:

1) Offering the encouragement that people can do it!

2) Showing that a person doesn’t have to be an expert on Mormonism or Christian apologetics to be an effective witness; and

3) Emphasizing that a significant part of speaking the truth in love is showing respect, being sincere, and being committed to persist in the effort.

By confronting barriers to witnessing, comparing the basics of Mormonism with Christian truth, relying on the power of God’s Word, and covering all that with the fabric of love, any willing Christian can be an effective witness to Mormons.

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