Three short tips on sharing God’s Word with a friend or neighbor

Here are three tips on how to share God’s Word with a friend or neighbor:

  • There is power in prayer 

Remember where the power and the strength lies in sharing God’s Word. Too often we tend to dwell on our lack of knowledge or fears of witnessing. Instead, focus on God and the power of the Holy Spirit. Prayer is the means God provides to confess our sins and remind ourselves who is ultimately in control. Begin praying for the person in your life and ask for opportunities, strength, and guidance. It’s amazing how the Lord provides!

  • Love builds a bridge

Truth tends to coincide with trust. To consider truth, a person will largely depend on the source. For Christians, that source is God’s Word. Time is needed to build a bridge of trust by providing sincere love and care for that soul God has placed in your life. By sharing what Christ has already done, we can gently take them by the hand and help cross the bridge of the true gospel together.

  • Sprinkle God’s Word in everyday conversations

How can I begin engaging a soul with the true gospel? Sprinkle God’s Word in your everyday conversations. Share what you learned at church on Sunday. For example, you can say, “Yesterday at church my pastor gave such a wonderful message that brought me such great comfort. He talked about forgiveness during Bible study and how I can have 100% confidence that my sins are forgiven. It was exactly what I needed to hear.”

Planting the seeds of God’s Word is not difficult. We simply share what we already know to be true.

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