How God Prompts Our Obedience

I wonder what it would be like to have constant reminders on how to guard our tongue from saying something stupid or keep our sinful actions in check.

I think Nissan provided us with an interesting solution.

There are times that I wish my Ford would honk its horn at me whenever I was on the verge of doing or saying something that would not be God-pleasing.

But if that happened to everybody, what a noisy world it would be.

In God’s wisdom, he has created a conscience within us that can set off an alarm within our internal clock. But we regularly press the snooze button and ignore it.

God has also given us commandments in the Bible to what many people believe serve to keep society in check. Does God give us a series of commands to prompt our obedience or is there something more?

Laws are provided to give standards of behavior. The threat of punishment is what prompts many to comply.

God didn’t provide commandments that included the charge, “Obey or else.” There was another purpose involved.

In the final judgment, God will not judge us according to how well we obeyed his commands. If that were the case, we would all be in trouble. His standard is perfection. His holiness demands it.

The primary purpose of God’s commands is to reveal to us that we are not perfect — that we do not meet his standards of being in his presence for eternity. He wants us to know there are dire consequences that are not necessarily associated with our lack of obedience, but to our condition. We are spiritually dead and only God can provide a solution.

Perhaps God delivers a honk after all.

Christ came to fulfill the demands of the law and faith in Him receives the benefits of His perfection. It’s that simple. At the cross, God’s love and grace intersects with his perfect justice.

For a redeemed child of God who basks in the assurance of complete forgiveness, God “honks” in His Word to remind us of that truth.

Love prompts our obedience to follow God’s commands. A grateful heart pours itself out in words and actions that reflects sheer thanksgiving for what God has already done for us.

These are the type of constant reminders that I don’t mind at all.

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