Installing anti-virus programs into your spiritual life

In the vast interiors of China, generations of peasant farmers work their fields to eke out a living. They long for an easier life. Dreams for their children’s prospects dissipate with each passing harvest.

One day, a man from the city comes to visit the village. He brings a message of promise and hope for their children. He offers better job prospects and education. His message resonates by providing a golden opportunity a poor family could never provide.

A few families reluctantly allow their son or daughter to go to the big city. Tragically, instead of fulfilling a promise of a better life, these children are forced into the growing trade of slave labor.

Messages that sounded so promising can end up having disastrous consequences.

Discerning truth is imperative in plotting our future. Discovering the truth is essential for eternity.

Due to the importance of truth, the Lord inspired and preserved His Words and used prophets to proclaim it. Not only were they words pertaining to man’s salvation, but there was another very important reason.

God utilizes prophets to issue messages of warning.

Like a lighthouse transmitting a beacon of light to protect God’s people from the jagged rocks of disobedience, God uses prophets to protect the vulnerable against false teachers of the world.

The lure of security the world offers in place of God can be great. The idea that mankind can receive blessings from God as a result of outward actions is tempting. Like the visitor in the Chinese village, promises that capture our desire for material protection and personal comfort are difficult to ignore. They infiltrate our heart, mind, and soul.

Instead of security, their words destroy. Especially when false prophets convey messages that mankind can work towards eternal life in heaven.

True prophets point to God’s Word with the encouragement to install anti-virus programs into their spiritual life. They protect us from false messages that can lead people to their destruction, but also from words that can enslave us.

In the Old Testament, God used prophets like Moses to lead people out of slavery. He also used prophets like Jeremiah and Isaiah to protect his people from wandering away from the truth. As a result of disobedience and being lured into the religions of man, the Lord allowed his people to be conquered and led into a life of captivity.

Do not be fooled by the words of spiritual leaders who misrepresent the Bible by proclaiming messages of how to obtain earthly blessings. Be wary of prophets who proclaim the Atonement of Christ is only available to those who are obedient and fulfill promises to lead a holy life.

Jesus proclaimed that He is the way, the truth, and the life. The prophets of the Old Testament pointed to Him as the fulfillment of God’s promise and preserved words on how to properly identify Him as God in the flesh.

In Christ, there is freedom. God’s promises declare that Jesus Christ has fulfilled all the requirements of the law. Faith receives all the benefits of Christ’s victory over sin and death. His completed work on the cross becomes a certificate of redemption for those who place their trust in Him.

Believe in Jesus Christ and receive the full forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life.

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