7 Reasons to Trust God’s Traffic Laws

Faith means an absolute and consuming trust in God’s promises and an unyielding confidence that His ways are best.

Faith means following God even when it doesn’t make sense. God tends to give directions one turn at a time. He will say to turn left when we think it ought to be right. He keeps the stoplight red when we think the it ought to be green.

Its during these times that God whispers, “Be still, my child, and know that I am God.”

Our faith is most severely tested at circumstances that at first may seem so small, but can have a lasting impact. Our obedience is severely tested when God doesn’t make sense and we feel that nobody is watching.

It’s like coming to a four-way stop out in the middle of nowhere.

It seems pointless. There is no traffic in sight. Just a flashing red light commanding all cars to come to a complete stop.

Slowing down seems obedient enough.

But the law is the law.

A local police officer will still issue a traffic ticket. That is the consequences for breaking the law. Or, he can give you a warning. They will not issue rewards for obedience.

And neither will God.

The problem with obeying traffic laws is that according to God’s standards we will break them every time we come to stop sign. There are times we may not come to a complete stop. That’s a violation. There are times when we think about not coming to a complete stop. That’s a violation. There are times that we are angry that we have to come to a complete stop. And that’s a violation, too.

Why does God still give commands knowing that we will break them every time?

God places stop signs in our life for our protection, to give direction, and to know that He is God and we are not.

Yet, the Christian is still forgiven no matter what they do. Their status of being fully forgiven and acceptable to God remains unchanged.

Then, why stop?  Fear of punishment? Desire for reward? What’s the motivation?

Consider the following reasons:

1.         We stop because God wants us too.
2.         We stop because its for our own good. Local knowledge must feel there’s a reason for that stop sign and so we trust that to be true.
3.         We stop because we know this pleases God.
4.         We stop because it continues a right pattern of godly living.
5.         We stop because Christ would have — and He is perfect.
6.         We stop because its good to stop once in a while in this busy world. Are we in that big of hurry?
7.         We stop because we love God.

Sometimes God uses laws to recognize who we are without him — Sinners justified by faith alone, Saints perfected by Christ’s redemption alone.

God writes traffic tickets to pricks our conscience while at the same time writing pardons to reveal his grace. That’s the way God is.

The next time you are waiting at God’s stop sign, remember to “be still and know that He is God.”

2 Comments on “7 Reasons to Trust God’s Traffic Laws

  1. Nice idea and I love it because I am the guy sometimes stressing out at God’s stop sign. You are right the police don’t give us rewards for obedience but our Father does. in fact Acts 5:32 tells us that the Father gives His Holy Spirit to those who obey him! Be blessed and thanks for sharing!

    • Hey. Thanks for the comment. It does say, “We are witnesses of these things, and so is the Holy Spirit, whom God has given to those who obey him.” However, in the context of this verse — and throughout the Bible, the only obedience the father accepts is through faith (Romans 1:5). So, the focus is not on ourselves, but on God. So, we are not rewarded by our obedience for obedience’ sake. It depends on the motivation. And, ofcourse, the ultimate reward is heaven that is already ours through faith. Blessings!

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