Fixing our thoughts on Jesus today

You wake up on a crisp sunny morning and the words of Christ pour to provide strength, courage and direction. Words for today. One day at a time.

One man starts his morning routine. He walks on the old country road and watches the sheep as they run away. He’s probably lives nearby and has watched sheep walk these hills for many years. But today, he soaks it in. He pauses and ponders the normalcy, the beauty, the day-to-day rhythm of life.

And what questions do we ask of Christ? Do we take that time to ponder His wisdom — to bring His reality and have it a part of our normalcy — our daily rhythm of life?

Fix your thoughts on me.

One house silhouetted in the evening sky. In comparison to the magnitude of the heavens, it pales in significance.

One family. One home. It matters to them. And in the backdrop of the starry sky, there is one voice that declares, “It matters to me, too.” The Creator of the earth and all the stars overhead still seeks, still remembers, still cares about me. No matter how small I feel or insignificant I might perceive myself to be. He is there.

Fix your thoughts upon Jesus — and I will give you meaning.

And with meaning and purpose your spirit will soar with grace. God says all that I have created is yours. Rule. Govern. Enjoy.

The mountains speak your name. They resonate in majesty. Their craftsmanship points to a Creator who seems to chisel living portraits out of inanimate objects.

But you are a ┬ámasterpiece. A living portrait of God’s handiwork. Woven together for a distinct place in time. The same God that created the mountain peaks is the same God who created you. We can only pause in wonder.

Fix our thoughts upon Jesus — for he knows your name.

Picture yourself on a grassy bank on a warm, sunny, day. See and feel the waters below. It’s here that life slows down to a crawl and maybe, just maybe, we can hear His voice. The voice that beckons trust. The voice that says you can take Me at My Word.

As God provides water to make the streams flow, the Lord pours forth His Spirit to provide all that we need.

Even the stream has a destination. The Lord invites us to abandon our self and allow the current of the stream to take you where He intends you to go. And that requires trust.


Fix your thoughts upon Jesus — for He has you in the palm of His Hands.

You are not alone.

Walk in his ways and he will provide all that you need. Stand firm. Be strong. Be still.

And know that He is God!

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