True Thanksgiving

God says yield to Him — our emotions tell us that He is not trustworthy.

God says to present ourselves as living sacrifices — our emotions tells us that He is not worthy of the effort.

God says to abide in Christ — our emotions tells us that to abide in our self is more comfortable and secure.

God says to walk in the light, our emotions tells us that darkness is too appealing.

God says to die to self, our emotions tells us to keep surviving and trust in your self.

God says trust me, my promises are real — our emotions condemns you as a hypocrite.

Our emotions wants to play tug-of-war with God and His promises — but Christ has already taken away the rope.

To trust God means to relinquish our ownership of self — a signing over of our deed of ownership.  In return, we receive something far more valuable.

In relinquishing our ownership — it comes with the realization that we never owned ourselves in the first place.

We were already bought at a price.

When God tells us to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, faith receives what we do not see.  God is already working within me.

True thanksgiving comes when we abandon our doubts, our fears, our dreams to a loving God that embraces us as we are — accepts despite what we have already done — and forgives us for what we will do.

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