“You did what?”

“You did what?”  I asked my husband. He had been out walking and had met two Mormon Sister Missionaries. He’d invited them to come and talk with us about the LDS faith.

“Don’t worry,” he said, “You just provide the snacks and I’ll do the talking.” 

My husband and I both knew a little about witnessing to Mormons. We had been to a seminar where we had been encouraged to invite Mormon missionaries into our home. It had sounded like a great thing to do, I just wasn’t sure I could do it. I decided that if my husband was willing to take the lead, the least I could do was provide cookies and moral support. Even so, I was nervous before their first visit.

When they came I was immediately struck by their friendliness. They were so appreciative of the snacks, and they joked that one of them wasn’t the best cook. They began that first night by talking about the Bible and the Book of Mormon and their belief that if you pray to God and ask him to show you, he will give you a conviction that the Book of Mormon is the truth.

When I heard this, I couldn’t help but respond.

Sharing God's Word with Mormon missionaries

Sharing God’s Word with Mormon missionaries

When the missionaries asked how I know what truth is, I said “I compare it to the Bible. If it doesn’t agree with the Bible, then it’s not from God.” My husband and I spoke of how feelings can be misleading, but that God has given us the Bible as our source of truth.

Over the course of four more visits, I have found my voice again and again. I have found myself reading the Bible with new insight – “How would this help to show the truth to the Mormon Sisters?” “How can I present the truths of God’s Word without using terms that they define differently than us?”  “How can I better connect with them and let them know I care?”

So, what progress are we making with the Mormon Sisters? I confess that I have been wondering that myself. My husband will tell you that, more than once, I have wanted to give up because “we’re never going to get through to them.”  He would simply reply that we are just supposed to “plant and water,” and God’s Word will work.

Each time they have come they’ve brought someone else along – this last time it was the local Bishop. We have been able to plant and water with eight Mormons so far. It was especially emotional for me this past time, when we felt it was time to share with them that we believe they are going to Outer Darkness if they continue to follow the teachings of the LDS church. They showed no outward signs of concern at this message, and after they left, I was very sad. But again my husband reminded me that only God can know their hearts.

What I do know is how God’s Word has worked on me through all of this. I was afraid to be a witness, but God gave me the words and made it so rewarding. By searching God’s Word for ways to say it better or differently, my faith has been encouraged over and over. I can’t help but share with others what a blessing this experience has been, and to encourage them to try it.

I hope to see our Sister Missionaries again soon. I have studied some more and am now eager to plant and water again. If and when they stop coming, I will continue to pray for them and thank God for strengthening my faith through this whole experience.

If you’ve seen the Mormon Missionaries in your neighborhood, trust God’s promise that he will give you the words, and invite them over for a little planting and watering – you won’t be sorry you did!

Guest blog from Joanne that first appeared in Truth in Love Ministry email newsletter.

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