Four comforting promises when sharing God’s Word

God created the heart to pump life into our body. He created the fingers to feel and to explore.  He created the eyes to survey and behold.

There is one small part of the body God created to be the most powerful tool of our body. It is our most effective weapon to share the love of God through His Word, but at the same time, be catastrophic in providing a barrier.

It is called the tongue.

The same instrument that can praise the almighty God, sing with the heavenly hosts and pray the Lord’s Prayer can also lie to a co-worker, gossip of a friend, or curse the driver ahead of us for not turning their blinker on.

Out of twenty-seven verses in the Old Testament that deal with the tongue, thirteen of them have a negative connotation. That’s almost half. We can safely conclude that our tongue never seems to sit still. It’s like an undisciplined three-year old who always seems to get into for trouble if they are not being carefully monitored.

If our tongue is not building up, it’s tearing down. If it’s not confessing, then we are holding it from sin. If it’s not singing of God’s righteousness, then it’s speaking deceitfully.

No wonder the book of James likens our tongue to a rudder of a large ship, a bit to a powerful horse, and a small spark igniting a wildfire. Like a novice handling a power tool, we know just enough to be dangerous.

And now God’s design, His desire, His commission — is to use my tongue to share with people the message of salvation through Jesus Christ to save the world? I shudder at the thought.

When confronted with concern and guilt regarding God’s call for us to utilize our tongue in sharing God’s message, we can remember four promises that bring us peace and hope.

1.         The Lord recognizes our condition — and still forgives us.
Though saints perfect in Christ, we reside in sinful flesh — including our tongue.  Though we may tame the beasts of the earth, the book of James refers to our tongue as being wild, undomesticated, and even beyond our control.  And God knows this and still forgives us.

2.         The Lord knows the words on our tongue even before they are uttered — and still forgives us.
Like a sieve, God knows our mouths contain leaks that allow unfruitful words to come out.  Even then — even in the foreknowledge of what comes from our tongue — God quickly forgives.

3.         The saint overrides the sinner because of what Christ has already done for us.

4.         The call to witness no longer becomes a command that harbors guilt, but an opportunity that releases joy.
Like a chef serving her favorite dish, a singer sharing his favorite song, those alive in Christ eagerly pass on a the recipe, the song, the message that comes directly from God.

These truths from God’s Word are promises associated with using our tongue to share God’s Word.  In all that we say and do in witnessing, God forgives and empowers us.

More than anything, God promises that He is with us till the very end of the age.

What an amazing God we serve! What a privilege to share!

What other verses in the Bible help provide strength, comfort, and hope in sharing God’s Word?

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