How our freedom is God’s greatest gift

The preservation of freedom is a hallmark of western society and democracy. Preemptive wars are fought and global policies are formed in the interest of freedom.

Freedom is also a motivation of the gospel and the Bible goes to great length to preserve it.

The truth of the gospel is the key that unlocks the chains of spiritual imprisonment that binds lost souls with the words that somehow you can earn God’s forgiveness. Christ came to break those chains. He fought for and gained victory for our freedom. Faith is the instrument which receives the full benefits of Christ’s completed work on the cross.

His work. Our freedom.

The preservation of a soul’s freedom is so important that God warns His people against false prophets and teachers. Twenty-five times! God warns people to be careful of self-proclaimed prophets who were teaching messages that didn’t coincide with the true message of salvation. They will be proclaim a message that will satisfy our human reason by teaching people how to become right with God through their actions and deeds (2 Cor. 11:15).

God has designed a spiritual map to help discern truth from error. His words have been preserved and protected to lead, guide, and compare.

God’s Words teaches:

  • The most important possessions come exclusively from God; not by us working for them.
  • To be righteous before God is not based on what you do, but rather who you are — a new creation.
  • A religion of works says, “Do this and you shall live.” The gospel of grace says, “Live and you shall do.”
  • A religion of works says, “Pay me what you owe.” The gospel of grace says, “Your debts have been forgiven.”
  • A religion of works demands holiness, the gospel of grace gives holiness.
  • A religion of works says, “Do.” The gospel of grace says, “Done!”
  • A religion of works says blessings are a result of obedience, the gospel of grace makes obedience the result of blessings.
  • A religion of works says, “If.” The gospel of grace says, “Therefore.”
  • A religion of works says salvation can be earned, the gospel of grace says salvation is a gift.

To distinguish between a religion of works between a gospel of grace is like receiving a winning lottery ticket.

God owns the winning Powerball ticket worth $100 million dollars. He places the ticket into your hand as a gift. He doesn’t need the money. He gives it to you not because of your worthiness, but He enjoys the thrill of giving. It’s an act of love.

Most people would readily accept a winning Powerball ticket, but not God’s gift of free and full forgiveness.

Unknowingly, people choose to be chained to following the law in order to receive blessings. They sentence themselves instead of daring to go to the Eternal Judge and receive a full pardon.

Freedom is found in the gospel message. Be wary of any message that centers on our worthiness to receive God’s gifts.

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  1. Hi, Dave, Just wanted to let you know that I have been getting a fair number of pop-up ads for the Mormon church. The latest one really struck me. It shows a mature woman of about 50(no gray hair tho yet!) with the words, “My joy in life comes from being at peace with myself and with God.” Using the word “peace” especially by a woman took me aback. There is another one which I can remember which shows a man saying something about how his Mormon faith helped him thru a painful diagnosis. These are pretty appealing, I would think, to the average joe. There is at least one other one. Have you seen anything like these in your area? To say the least, I have been disturbed by them. It SEEMS like they are using our “pitch” of peace and saying that they have it. It makes me wonder if they are using our own campaign words to counteract what we have been saying. Just some random thoughts. In Christmas peace and love, Norma

    • Hi Norma. Thanks for the comment. No, I have not seen these pop-up ads. It would be interesting to track what sites or Google search terms you are using that prompts these ads. Let me know what you find out.

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