God’s Word serves like bones for our body

The Importance of God’s Word serves like bones for our body

The strength of a building rests in its foundation. Secured firmly into the ground, it’s frame provides shape and form.  The human body is designed in the same way. Hundreds of bones, some large and others small, branch out from the torso to provide shape and form to the body.  They provide movement through an intricate display of muscles, tendons and nerves while also protecting vital organs.


The human body is a brilliant engineering marvel. Thousands of components working together for one common purpose. Though intricate in its design, only one crack can place the whole structure in jeopardy.

One broken bone — no matter how small — affects the entire body.  Freedom of  motion is restricted until the bone heals itself.

A few years ago, a good friend of our daughter was playing for a nationally-ranked college soccer team. Blessed with the knack of scoring goals, she quickly captured the attention of every defender whenever the ball came her way. In the midst of an important match, she collided with several players while attacking the goal. She landed hard on the cold ground and cried out in agonizing pain.1000000117

The x-rays taken in the emergency roomer were startling. Her clavicle bone was broken in five places. The surgeons needed to attach a plate to allow the bone to heal properly or she would be severely limited in her ability to function the way she was designed.

The truth of God’s Word is like a bone. It’s hard and impenetrable. The truth of Jesus Christ — that He is God made flesh, the perfect substitute for us on the cross — cannot be changed or broken. Jesus Christ is the only way, truth and life. Nobody can come to the Father except through him. Only in Jesus Christ are we are set free from punishment and guilt.

But there is something even more.

Like the bones of a body, the promises of God’s Word is what provides structure and strength to hold our faith together. They give life and salvation, provide the framework for the church, protection from the enemy, and life blood for strength and endurance. A broken bone occurs when a large amount of stress is placed upon it.  For many of us, the many stresses of life can cause us to question our Christian faith and consider other truths outside of God’s Word and run the risk of fracturing our trust in his promises.



Christians need to be fully aware of the spiritual dangers and exercise discernment when confronting the strong and appealing deceptions false teachings can bring.

Stay in God’s Word and the nourishment it brings to strengthen our bones and be set apart from the stresses of life that can cause one of our bones to break.

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