A new resolution means a new reflection on what we do

For those who love what we do, but sometimes find themselves overwhelmed with responsibilities, or struggle with doubts, perhaps as this year comes to a close we can examine those anxieties which can affect our work.

Quite often, the source of our struggles have to deal with things that are outside of our control. Or, perhaps we are troubled if the results of our work or even our prayers are not just how we like it.  This can become a constant burden.

Exercising our faith means trusting God’s promises. How does one deepen our faith?

While studying God’s Word, I am coming across the theme of “surrender.” The concentration of self — including our will, our dreams, our desires — can easily provide a distraction from taking full advantage of God’s means for strengthening our faith. The act of surrender — or an abandonment of self — means trusting His Word for power, wisdom, and strength.

Trust means placing our entire self into the palm of God’s hands and recognizing that everything we do, everything that happens around us, everything that occurs to those we most care about — is being carried out according to His good pleasure.

If we are truly interested in doing God’s work — in whatever capacity that it might be — than the responsibility belongs to God as well. Perhaps that’s the essence of trust. Are we able to turn over a responsibility that is so important, so vital to establishing our meaning, our purpose, our identity?

To surrender means that God is our identity — not our job, our children, our hobby, or our favorite team.

To abandon means trusting that God can manage our life much better than we can. Like a small child who trusts their parents without hesitation to lead and provide, we take His hand.

God could use good workers in 2014. It seems the best workers are those who are not anxious about what they do, but joyfully take each day with this primary thought:

If the work is God’s alone, then that must mean the responsibility is His as well. I have no cause to worry about the results.

2 Comments on “A new resolution means a new reflection on what we do

  1. I just found and read this today. It was God who led me to this, I am sure. I have been feeling disappointed at the results of our presentation yesterday. We had a good-sized group(78), positive comments from several people, but due to a lack of organization on our part, the contact information from those present is very meager. I am feeling so guilty about this and so bad that we failed in this aspect. But reading the article above helped me to see that God is able to still act in people’s hearts and He will. We again just planted the seeds to inform and hopefully move someone in that group of 78 people to become a missionary too. It is not w/in my power to make a person do it…it is only thru the Holy Spirit, and it is His responsibility. I am going to try again to remember this truth. I am a slow learner! 🙁

    • Norma, thank you for sharing your disappointment. First of all, it’s okay to be disappointed. It reveals that you care. It’s very easy to judge success by people’s responses. But, to become a missionary is a God-generated desire, not a me-generated desire. So, we have to let that go as presenters and allow the Holy Spirit to move and direct hearts based on the information we are sharing. But who knows? I seem to remember a young lady who watched a slide show about being a missionary, but wasn’t realized until years later. Sound familiar? Perhaps this time you were the seed planter.

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