Four reasons why Jesus calls himself the Light of the world

During the season of winter, storms pass through – one after another – bringing days of darkened overcast skies. The sun remains hidden behind the clouds begging to emerge to bring light and warmth. The cold dreariness hangs on like the dirt and grime that collects on the old crusty snow by the side of the road.

Life drags when caught in the clutches of winter.

We especially miss the sun during these dark, dreary days.

Oh, we know the sun is there. Daylight creates no doubt that the sun is full in its existence. We just can’t see it. We have a hard time feeling its warmth and brightness.

I find new perspective during the winter when Jesus describes himself as the Light of the world.

Faith acknowledges the Light in the darkness of this world. Even on days when you have a hard time seeing the light you know it’s there.

In the light of God’s Word we  uncover the mysteries of Christ. We can either receive it or reject it. Like the sun, we can enjoy its warmth, regeneration, comfort, and permanence. Even in our darkest hour, slivers of light still remain to remind us that He is always there.

In a darkened world, and corrupted by a flesh that consistently betrays us, our natural tendency is to allow ourselves to get in the way of the light of God’s Word. We sometimes choose to stay in a darkened room hoping to solve our problems with artificial light. It’s unreliable – dependent on a energy source outside of itself. And eventually wears out.

There is a better source. There is a better light.

On this winter day, I am pondering on four reasons why Jesus calls himself the Light of the World:

1.         Light penetrates darkness.
Light always wins.

2.         Light reveals and creates truth.
The light bulb of faith goes on in our head. Truth appears. The Light of faith is created. That bulb was placed there by the Creator. The Light of His Word is our energy source that both turns the bulb on and keeps it on.

3.         Light provides a Way.
The Light of His Word reveals a path out of darkness. There is joy, peace, and hope in knowing the Light is always there.

4.         Light brings life.
Eternal life — a new perspective that casts light on what’s really important in life.

God’s Word is what brings light to our soul. He is the light of the world and His children are His reflection. Those who are in the Light, can’t help but to bring light in a world of darkness. Like the fullness of the moon on a clear night, your light is a testimony to His existence by being His reflection. In today’s world, those professing the Light cannot be artificial for it will be quickly rejected. No, true Light is something you cannot generate on your own.

God’s Word is that energy source to be a light for the Light of the World lives in you. Tap into that light. Plug yourself into that source of power.

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