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January 28, 2014


Prayer for today: Lift me up Lord when the current is strong

by Dave Malnes

When words cannot adequately convey my walk with Christ, I am given pictures.

Sometimes in worship we are called to lift Christ up in our praise, thoughts, and attitudes. But far more than I realize, it’s Christ who is lifting me up. This not only occurs in my times of worship, but in my daily walk of trusting in Christ.

There are times when the rivers of life are overflowing its banks. Worry and anxiety cause a sudden melt of winter snow, and those feelings of being overwhelmed melt down my trust that causes a short-term memory loss. I forget who God is and how He has always taken care of me. It is during these times that He lifts me up out of the flood waters and takes me safely to the other side. Then, life doesn’t seem so overwhelming.

We can go to the Lord in prayer:

“Lord, lift me up when I’m feeling week and helpless. I don’t need to pretend that I’m strong or that I have all the answers. Humble me to that point where I can simply let go and trust my life into your hands. I will take you at your Word. I will rest on your promises. I believe that you are able when the river of life becomes too strong. Thank you Lord, for your grace and mercy. Amen.”

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  1. Minnie Brooks
    May 12 2015

    I was reminded as I was reading this that when I am weak, I have a Father that will lift me up. I am glad that the Lord led me to your blog.


    • May 13 2015

      Thank you for the comment. That is still one of my favorite pictures on my blog.



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