Finding mysteries of the Holy Spirit in the flight of a hummingbird

“Like birds hovering overhead, the Lord Almighty will shield Jerusalem; he will shield it and deliver it, he will ‘pass over’ it and will rescue it.”  (Isaiah 31:5)

What does it take for a bird to hover in the air?

The great birds of prey fly high into the air to catch the stream of air. There, they stretch out their wings and soar allowing the air beneath their wings to lift them high above the ground.

Then, there’s the humming bird. An unusual animal. A beautiful one. A tiny object that flaps its wings so fast that it remains a blur to the human eye. We give pause when a humming bird hovers nearby marveling at the physics of how this tiny creature can hover in place.

And the bee. A small insect with great capacity for flight. It’s tiny wings adeptly maneuvers its body from flower to flower to gather its pollen.

To hover.

Observing the humming bird in flight gives us a picture behind the mystery of how the Holy Spirit works.

He shields and protects. He delivers and rescues. He hovers.

We don’t understand the mechanisms of how the Holy Spirit hovers over our lives, nor do we fully understand how a humming bird hovers, nor see its wings while in flight.

What we do  know is that they are at work. The Holy Spirit protects and delivers that causes our own spirit to soar. He hovers to remind us that we have already been rescued from the consequences of sin and the dark forces of this world.

God’s promises are the object of our faith. We can take God at His Word because He is trustworthy and reliable. In him, we can safely deposit our hopes, our dreams, and our future.

Perhaps that’s why God created the humming bird and the bee. They are reminders of His grace, His deliverance, His protection.

That’s good news to share with those who don’t know His peace.

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