Clues God provides for the storms in life

The radiance of God’s light seems to appear when you least expect it — and revealed at the most unlikely of places.

God can be dramatic. At that precise point in time, the light of His knowledge is revealed during those “aha” moments when you recognize that after all this time, His way is best, He was in control, and there indeed was a purpose.

Typically, God’s ray of His wisdom and will can only break forth through cloudy, overcast skies. From out of darkness, we can best see His light. When the storms of unanswered prayer, struggles and disappointment dominate our thoughts and cloud our abilities to rejoice, God brings forth wisdom. We look back and see His footprints, His design, His care and concern.

If only we could of seen those clues along the way.

He does that. Sprinkled throughout His Word are reminders just for us. The clues are found in His promises that are recorded to bring us rest, peace, and assurance.

Sometimes, we are so focused on unanswered questions, that we forget to look back on questions that have already been answered. Not just questions regarding our salvation, redemption, the forgiveness of our sins — you know, the really important questions in life. But, we forget to recall all the times God answered our questions by delivering us from previous ┬áproblems, concerns, and disappointments.

God has an amazing track record. Sometimes, we allow the storms of life to affect our memories.

Just ask Peter. He asked the impossible to walk on water and God provided. Doubt overpowered faith and he began to sink. He never seemed to learn and neither do we.

Or the disciples fearing for their lives while their boat was being hurled about in the sea. Fear overcame the obvious. The clue was right there sleeping comfortably in the boat. Instead, they focused on the circumstance instead of the answer. If Jesus was taking comfort, rest, peace, and hope in the midst of a storm, then they could too. Was He not God?

God, in his mercy, provided a ray of His will, purpose and power by calming the storm.

Out of his mercy and love for us, God has a way of calming the storms in our life as well.

While attempting to find answers to our questions, we forget to look for His clues found in His promises. Like sleeping at the bottom of the boat, they are rather obvious.

I guess we just need to trust Him.

Like a radiant light peaking through the stormy clouds, God’s wisdom and His will is revealed at precisely those points in time when our hearts are prepared to clearly see them. In the meantime, we look for clues found in His promises, we trust in His presence, and we take Him at His Word.

That ray of light which unveils understanding will come. At the most unlikely of places. At that moment when you least expect it.

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