How God uniquely asks you for a favor in sharing God’s Word

One of the primary responsibilities that God gives the Church is to make disciples from all nations. This responsibility is carried out by sharing God’s Word and baptizing those who come to faith. Carrying out this commission is not necessarily a duty of a Christian, but the exercising of one’s faith.

It’s almost like God asking a favor.

Out of gratitude and honor for being asked, Christians are more than willing to carry out any favor God asks of us. Our action is prompted by love. Since God loves all people and desires every soul to be with Him in heaven, we mirror that love in proclaiming that all-important message of salvation.

But there is something more than just sharing the message of salvation. There is something else that goes beyond the freedom and fullness a believer receives by being in Christ.

The purpose of our life and behind the commission to make disciples is that it brings glory to God.

A believer who exercises their faith and readily displays the fruits of their faith that come as a result of being rooted in Christ — brings glory to God. And a by-product of bringing glory to God is being witnesses that bring others to faith. Every new believer is a soul that brings glory to God.

Disciples are designed to be put on display. God’s glory shines through those souls who trust in Him. They are plugged into a power source (Holy Spirit) that is way beyond themselves. When God uses His servants to displayed His glory before the world, He will draw people to Himself.

Consider this week God’s great commission in a new light.  It’s not just a command, but a favor God is asking of you. As a result, we will be bleed through the experience.

How did God use you this week to display His glory by sharing God’s Word with others? I would love to hear from you.

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