The word “discourage” is not in God’s vocabulary

The word “discourage” is not in God’s vocabulary.

If left unchecked, discouragement can arrive unexpectedly like a heavy frost. The tentacles of frozen air can encapsulate life and stifle it’s blossom. Courageous enthusiasm that brings color to one’s life is replaced by fear, worry, and anxiety.

Disappointment tends to breed discouragement. We expect one thing and discover another. Wounded self-love plunges the soul into the depths of faithless discouragement.

Temptations have a way of feeding off the troughs of disappointment. In the attempt to be distracted by its pain, the world readily offers empty substitutes to squander our time and attention. We easily become absorbed in activities that spoils something good and turns it into sin.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

A life of faith responds to discouragement by acknowledging it, repenting of it, and asking the Lord to provide strength and depth of insight into His purposes. We embrace problems and turn them into challenges. We embrace adversity and acknowledge them as a means the Lord is providing to discipline us.

And its all for our good.

It is in these moments that the sun of God’s embrace removes the early morning frost and allows our soul to blossom in His glory.

We can pray,

“O Lord, I welcome Your love on this day. What a joy it is to know that we are under Your care. May your Holy Spirit remove any doubts and replace them with confidence, assurance, and peace that You have all things under Your control. An unknown future can be placed in trustworthy hands of a God who holds the present and the future. What a God we serve! In Christ’s name we pray. Amen.”

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