Responding to Turbulent Air

Airports are one of the best places to watch people. They are walking stories. Where are they going? Who are they going to visit?

Some look anxious and other relaxed.

Some are going on vacation while others are dressed to conduct business.

Travelling back from Orlando, the airport security line was filled with exhausted young children with their families. Holding the hands of tired parents, the slightest discomfort quickly brings tears.

A college wrestling team from Washington are travelling thousands of miles for their next match.

Two couples. One with a small child. The women wear modest dresses, no makeup, and a cloth to cover their hair. They have chosen to set themselves apart from the standards and expectations of a culture.

What is their story? How did they arrive at this point in time — at this place in history? How have they travelled through life?

The pilot announced over the intercom that we will expecting some heavy turbulence flying out of San Francisco this morning. Like many, I’m not a fan of turbulence. Like most, my stomach starts to tie up in knots. Perhaps that is why I’m writing a blog post right now. To refocus my attention. To be distracted. And like an exhausted child, I extend my hand for comfort from a loving God who has me right where I need to be

No matter where you might be, we can take comfort that God is there. That unseen hand can be seen in the places we go and the people we need. At just the right time and just the right place.

And for those who have placed their trust in God’s promises, our faith is renewed and refreshed by simply remembering those promises — by taking ownership of them.

And when God tells us to go and make disciples, it’s not just a commission, but a declaration.

God says;

I want you to go, because I want to go with you.

I want you to share God’s Word, because its my message.

I want you to be my witnesses, because I’m sending people your way.

In these seemingly chance encounters, they are really divine appointments.

At the airport, at the mall, at a sporting event — within these masses are my lost sheep.

For all the prodigals, there is a father and mother who are praying earnestly for you — that one Christians who shares the message of salvation.

Perhaps it is that face over there with a coffee cup in his right hand.  Maybe it’s that young man with headphones on staring out the window. It could even be that neighbor whom God is calling you to love.

We are called by God to trust in His promises and by doing so, we can’t help but to proclaim them. Not just by our words, but by sharing His presence with others. People do take notice of that.

The pilot just came on the intercom. We have past the turbulent air and we should be expecting smoother air for the remainder of the trip. It wasn’t so bad. A few jolts. A few hard bumps. But isn’t that life anyway? When the turbulence is over, we finally figure out that most of the time we had nothing to fear.

Now isn’t that a good story to share?

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