Be a Source for Truth

The art of building a good reputation still has lasting value in today’s world.

We seem to live in a parched land that thirsts for noble character to stem the tide of scandal and misdeeds.

And when a person of integrity shines forth like the sun, people are drawn in to observe or even inquire of its source.

In the complexities and struggles of life where many of life’s questions are left unanswered, people are drawn to a compelling life that conveys answers to life’s problems. Love, joy, peace, patience, and kindness are fruits of a spirit that remains disconnected to a world gone awry and connected to source that they do not possess.

“Let us go with you, because we have heard that God is with you.” (Zech 8:23b)

Exiled Jews from the time of the Old Testament were returning to a land from which they were displaced. Despite immense challenges, the successful re-entry was gaining momentum and attention. God’s hand was with them and people wanted to sign up. They “took hold of the robes” worn by the Jews for they knew they had God on their side.

A worshipful soul in times of great adversity gives notice. It builds a reputation. It conveys a trust that a plan and purpose is taking fold and yet, nothing in this life is worth the anxiety and worry compared to knowing that their true citizenship rests in heaven.

Locked in a prison cell, bruised by beatings, hunger and thirst penetrating their weakened bodies, the two men couldn’t help but sing their praises to God. And the jailer took notice. The seeds were planted. And when the rumbling earthquake forced the doors open, the jailer cried out, “What must I do to be saved?”

With eyes frightened with fear, beckoning to be consoled, a soul on the edge of a precipice has looked your way.

Are you ready for an answer?

A soul has grasped on to your robe. They have observed your actions. They have heard your words. They have seen your life that has been set apart from others.

“I want to go with you. I have seen that God is with you.”

What an honor to be seen as a source for Truth. Yes, Jesus is Emmanuel. He is with us. His presence has become such a light that people are drawn to ask questions. You have something that I don’t have — what is it?

The robe they grasp is not of our own. It is the robe of righteousness that covers us. When God’s people live like God’s people they wear a robe that conveys the way, the life, and the Truth.

“What must I do to be saved?”

Believe. Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.

There. A statement of faith. Proclaiming what we believe to be true. Simple yet profound.

In that moment, you have become that source of truth. Not contrived. Not forced. But after years of planting, toiling, fertilizing, and watering — those words of confirmation are bestowed to listening ears and opened hearts.

Funny thing — it’s really not about us.

The light of Christ is never self-generated. It comes from a different power source apart from ourselves. When connected, we are like a light bulb that switches on when opportunities to share God’s Word comes before us. Willing hearts are ready. And they come when you least expect it.

That’s when the Christian life becomes an adventure. When you become a source for Truth.

What questions did you answer when God used you as a source for truth?

2 Comments on “Be a Source for Truth

  1. Sadly, many in our society have lost the capacity to distinguish right and wrong, truth and untruth. Everything is a matter of viewpoint. “You have your truth; I have mine.” The Lord though is still reaching out to the lost. It is a privilege to be part of that process.

    • I agree, Anna. Truth is relative in today’s world and absolute truth not only takes a back seat, but also viewed as intolerant. That’s okay — we are still asked to share truth to those like Pilate who ask rhetorically, “What is truth?”

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