Making a Difference by Using God’s Authority

In the Great Commission, Jesus tells us to go and make disciples of all nations. It is not so much of a command than a declaration.

“Go!” — because I’m asking you.

“Make Disciples!” — for that is God’s will.

“All Nations!” — for God’s desire is for all to be saved.

“Baptize!” — to be washed of sins and be a new creation.

“Teach!” — for only through the power of God’s Word can any person be saved.

With God’s declaration a promise is given that you are never alone. One of the mysteries of godliness means that faith receives God’s presence. Christ dwells within us. With God’s presence, there is strength, power, and authority.

When a person proclaims the message of Christ and plants the seeds of God’s Word they go with authority. It is not an authority to rule over others, but the authority to confront sin and the devil. As a saint in Christ grows and matures in the faith, they learn how to exercise their authority.

A little seven-year-old boy will cower in terror when confronting a bully. Intimidated by his size and his sneer, the boy will avoid this bully at all cost or run to his father or a person of authority for help. What happens when this young boy grows and matures into a twenty-four-year old man? When confronted by a bully, he does not run to his father for help. Instead, he confidently confronts the bully by exercising his strength, confidence, and maturity.

God desires for all of his children to grow and mature in the faith. A sign of maturity is to exercise authority to conquer fear when confronting the “bullies” of this world — namely sin and the devil. The lies of Satan tempt us with earthly pursuits of treasure and desires of the flesh. Fear inhibits us and causes forgetfulness of God’s promises. Instead, God encourages us to respond as mature Christians and exercise the authority He has given us to proclaim the gospel message of the victory over sin.

In the many challenges of living in a world stained by sin and with bodies corrupted by sin, it is helpful to remember that we are certainly not alone. The Great Commission helps remind us to walk through this world with an eternal perspective.

Exercise God’s authority when confronting the “bullies” of this world. Confidently and boldly proclaim your status in Christ, not with arrogance for this does not come from ourselves, but with love and compassion. Take advantage of divine opportunities the Lord grants us to shine the light of the gospel and lovingly share it as a natural outpouring of our faith.

Sharing God’s Word is not just obeying God’s Commission, but giving our declaration of what we know to be true.

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  1. Thanks, Dave. This post is full of many important reminders for us. You always put those well-known facts into a little different perspective and make them fresh again. 🙂

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