Wanted: Unschooled and Ordinary Men

If God posted a job online how would it look?

Vice-president of Communications. Director of Servant Relations. Administrator of Financial Disbursements.

Working for God would seem like a very important position. Who wouldn’t want to include God as a reference on their job application, or to list Him as your employer?

Perhaps God has already posted a job announcement. It could look something like this:

Job Title: Disciple

Qualifications: Unschooled and Ordinary

1. To effectively communicate the message of free and full forgiveness of sin.
2. To be Christ’s representatives in every word and action.
3. To go where Christ leads and to follow where Christ points.

1. Willing to be rejected, scorned, and ridiculed for your message and whom you represent.
2. Willing to fail with no measurable success over long periods of time.
3. Willing to sacrifice the treasures and comforts of this world.
4. Willing to joyfully handle any criticism, complaints, and envy from fellow workers.
5. Willing to reject all notoriety or credit from any and every accomplishment.
6. Willing to become all things to all people and use all possible means to accomplish your job description.

1. To receive immeasurable and complete joy in being God’s ambassador.
2. To deepen trust in God’s promises that He always provides.
3. To experience His presence in regularly sharing His message with others
4. To receive heavenly rewards that no earthly treasure can match.

Application Deadline: Always open
Would you apply for this job?

Would you include the phrase “unschooled and ordinary” in your resume?

Peter and John got the job of being disciples, but they really didn’t have a choice. They didn’t even apply. They were considered unschooled and ordinary.

“When they saw the courage of Peter and John that they were unschooled, ordinary men, they were astonished and they took note that these men had been with Jesus.” (Acts 4:13)

What people saw as being exemplary came as a surprise. Peter, the same man who couldn’t walk his talk, who denied Christ, who almost drowned in the stormy waters, was now considered courageous. He was an ordinary man exhibiting extraordinary behavior.

Jesus comes and taps you on the shoulder to ask, “Come, follow me. And I will make you a fisher of men.” He asks us to throw the net of the gospel around your neighborhood and leave the results to him. He asks us to be courageous in a sinful world and let the light of His presence shine in the coming darkness. He gently beckons us to share and provides unique opportunities that He masterminds to allow His words to flow from our mouths, His presence within us to shine, His love to bask upon a hurting soul.

God is posting a job right now and invites all of his children to not necessarily apply, but be willing to accept. If ordinary, then you are His perfect candidate.

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