True nature of forgiveness

Hiding in the shadows, fear overpowering his bold countenance, Peter observes the horrifying scene before him. All his hopes and dreams were evaporating before his eyes. Upon his third denial of any association with the man who proclaimed to be the Son of God, Peter stood on the edge of unbelief.

Then he looked into His eyes.

Jesus had already known. He foresaw what was going to happen. He knew that Peter was going to deny him three times.

Even told him about it!

When the rooster crowed to declare his utter betrayal, Peter turned to look into the Savior’s eyes.

To deny Him was unthinkable only a few days before. At a time when heroes stand up, Peter timidly stood down. He turned into something he probably abhorred more than anything else.

A wimp.

Yet, when Peter turned and looked in to the eyes of Christ, he may have expected to see what he deserved. Condemnation.

Instead, Peter saw the eyes of forgiveness.

Even though Christ knew one of his closest disciples would deny him, forgiveness was already extended.

In repentance, Peter received forgiveness.

Do we tend to retreat in the shadows of unforgiveness?

Afraid to be exposed in the light for who we are and what we have done, we often prejudge ourselves as being unworthy of grace. How can Jesus forgive me?

Fearful of being associated with hypocrites, a flawed church, a religious system that seems bent on following rules instead of following Christ, we stay in the shadows of condemnation rather than be exposed to His words.

Look into His eyes. What do you see?

Do we deny Christ and not trust his promises without taking the time to get to know Him.

Do we rely on His Words or on the words and actions of others?

Look into His eyes. Consider His Words for what they are.

His Words are the true nature of forgiveness.

Readily extended. No questions asked.

That’s the Savior I know.

And I would like for you to meet Him if you don’t know Him already.

The gospel of Jesus Christ does not necessarily say, “Believe and you are forgiven”,

Instead, “You are forgiven! Believe!”

That’s the message Peter saw in the eyes of Christ. He knew His Words. He remembered his prediction of denial. What he say was the true measure of grace.

You are forgiven. Believe.

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