Five Inspiring Promises to Walk in the Light

There is darkness and there is light. Out of darkness God spoke and created light. And out of the darkness of unbelief, God speaks through His Word and created the light of faith.

God is the match and we are the lamp. We are the light switch and God flips us on.

In following the adventure of sharing God’s Word with others, I have often found souls entrenched in darkness. It is like asking someone to read a book or paint a picture in a dark room with no light to see. God needs to turn the light on in order to see and understand the gospel message of redemption that no human mind can grasp on its own.

For those who have the light, God’s greatest encouragement is to remain in it. For there is not only the hope and confidence of our sure salvation, but the blessings of peace and joy associated with walking in the light.

“This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all. (1 John 1:5)

Christians are granted great encouragement through this short book of 1 John to stay in the light of faith and not be tempted to walk in darkness of unbelief. We are tempted to think that God doesn’t know our secret thoughts, words, and actions that darkness embraces. For this, we are encouraged to keep the lights on. And, by doing so, we will be blessed by it.

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Here are five inspiring promises to walk in the light:

  1. When darkness looks tempting, remember how God sees you.

You are His favored child. Your heavenly inheritance is secure. He is proud because you are His creation.

  1. Whatever the light exposes, God will not turn His face.

By faith, you are already justified. God sees perfection through the blemishes and stains of sin for God is love. There are no mirrors in heaven only portraits of grace. And that includes you!

  1. Whatever the darkness promotes, remember your status.

A Christian’s status is secure even though they are in a state of sin. So walk according to your status, not your state.

  1. Your name is already in the Book of Life — so act like it with humility and love.

You are on the winning team. You wear God’s uniform. So live your life as playing for the winning team — joyfully and confidently.

  1. You are royalty – co-heirs of Christ – so why wallow in the affairs of the world?

Do not walk with what is beneath you. The spoils of sin have already been conquered and you are more than a conqueror because of what Christ has already done for you.

The adventure of walking in the light is that each new day that God ordains for you bring another opportunity to live out His purpose, His will, and to be His messenger.

By keeping an eternal perspective, walking in the light seems like a much better plan.
What promises from God help you to keep walking in the light?

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