Adventures can lead to see God’s handiwork

What do you get when you put together a tent, family, sleeping bags, and a free weekend?

A summer adventure!

“Last week, my daughter and her husband came to visit and we decided to take the opportunity to go camping.  We opted to go to Deadwood Reservoir – a reservoir literally in the middle of nowhere in the Boise National Forest accessible only by several forest service roads – an absolutely beautiful place!

Four of us left to go up Thursday morning to find us a campsite while the rest would leave after they were done with work later that evening.  The evening folk were going to take a more circuitous route to the reservoir while we morning folk decided to take a more direct route – Forest Road 555 – a route we had not taken before, but a route that promised to cut about 60 miles off the trip in.  After driving into the mountains and turning off the main road onto Forest Road 555, all looked fine for about 50-100 yards until we rounded a bend and started up – up on a road that full of gargantuan rocks and deep ruts – a road that was barely wider than Ol’ Nellie – our 2001 Ford conversion van pulling a much older wooden utility trailer full of our tent camping gear.

IMG_1252 (768x1024)At that point, we could not turn around (literally!) without risking life and all our gear – so we spoke nicely to Ol’ Nellie and plunged forward praying we did not meet anyone coming the opposite direction.  If you could look past the narrow gutted road and sheer drop-offs, the views were spectacular – gorgeous wilderness beauty with the rugged Sawtooth Mountains in the background! My son drove wonderfully and after well over 2 hours on FR 555, we finally made the 25 miles or so to Deadwood Reservoir – people run marathons that distance faster than we traveled on that forest service road that day!  But God got us there safely and provided us with a wonderful campsite for the weekend!  Needless to say, after a very blessed weekend with family, we all took the more circuitous route home!

IMG_1214 (1024x768)Forest Road 555, however, reminded me of our life as Christians – it is definitely a road less travelled, full of challenges and trials – and we certainly need to keep focused to stay on the road!  I know I often feel like an old conversion van trying to navigate a life more suited for a 4-wheel drive or all-terrain vehicle!  But God has equipped us with all we need and promises that if we let Him drive, He’ll get us safely to our destination, heaven.  Plus, along the way, God does provide us with wonderful “vistas” – I need to trust His navigation and not miss, but enjoy, the blessings He so wonderfully arranges for me.” (Lori Malnes)

IMG_1254 (768x1024)God’s wonderful creation reminds us of his handiwork and it took an adventure to see it. Sometimes during the adventures of life, we forget to stop along the road and see where we are and where we have come from. By stopping, we see God’s greatest handiwork. Take the time to enjoy the view. You will see beauty in the most unexpected places.

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3 Comments on “Adventures can lead to see God’s handiwork

  1. I totally agree! My husband and I recently went camping in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Gorgeous country! When you’re out in the wilderness, away from the hustle and bustle of life, you really can appreciate this wonderful world that God has given us and reflect on events going on “back in civilization.” Just as the air clears your lungs, so also the atmosphere clears your spirit. There’s nothing like it!

    • Fresh air in the mountains couple with the scents of pine trees and wild flowers, the call of the raptors and water birds…. cleanses the spirit.

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