Deferring hope on a reliable source

Deferred Hope.

Two words leap off the page and capture what we already believe to be true.

Hope is what we cling to when disappointment sets in.

Deferred is to set aside, but not forgotten.

When placed together side-by-side, the words are reminders of who I am and what I am not.

I am not a miracle-worker that waves his magic wand to make life better, easier, comfortable, or secure. I am reminded that God is God and I am not, nor ever will be.

I am a child of God who is learning to place more confidence in His promises and less on what I think is best. Who is becoming bolder to prayerfully thrust promises back in God’s face demanding that He deliver on them. Who is exercising his faith by leaning more on hope rather than purpose, patience rather than will, perseverance for today rather than striving for tomorrow.

True hope rests on a reliable and unseen source. Fickle hope is placed on an unreliable visible source — namely ourselves or even others.

God’s Reminder for Keeping Hope Alive

Quite often, we have a hard time recognizing the benefits of placing our hope squarely on God. What are the benefits we receive as a result?

Hope causes a body to rest. (Acts 2:26)

Hope allows us to face any trial. (Acts 26:6)

Hope invites peace in knowing our status for eternity. (Romans 5:1)

Hope is a by-product of perseverance and character molded by suffering. (Romans 5:4)

Hope does not put us to shame. (Romans 5:5)

Hope rests on the unseen and patiently waits for it to arrive. (Rom 8:24-25)

Hope instills joy. (Rom 12:12)

Hope rests on God’s perfect record of keeping promises. (Romans 15:4)

Hope overflows by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

Hope trusts that our witness is being used. (1 Cor. 9:10)

A last shred of hope when God doesn’t heal

If hope is a fruit of our faith, then there are days I feel like a cactus. There are days when life seems dry, hot, and arid. All that is coming out of me are prickly spines designed to protect my dreams, my desires, even my hope. I then become prickly to the world, my family, and my co-workers rather than exhibit the fruits God desires.

Deferred hope.

Perhaps God is asking us to plant our seeds of hope in His fields and defer them under His care. Isn’t that faith? Isn’t that exhibiting trust and confidence in God who has yet to fail us or deliver in His promises?

I think we can trust God, don’t you? He is more than able to receive our deferred hope in Him.

I would love to read your thoughts on deferred hope.

6 Comments on “Deferring hope on a reliable source

  1. My hope is never deferred. I always feel the joy of the Holy Spirit’s companionship. And I always know that God wins and doesn’t want anyone to perish in unbelief. All the other things–prosperity in this life, marriage companionship, children’s health and accomplishments, etc.–are transitory while God’s promises are present now and have more to come to pass. While God may be unseen, all of nature displays His glory and His written word demonstrates His thoughts and character. He sustains me every day. every hour, every minute, every second and brings me joy beyond my understanding..

  2. In the lives of many, hope and suffering are intimately linked. We are given this life preserver, so that we may not drown in a sea of despair. Thank you for this message, Dave. You have obviously given the topic serious thought.

    • This whole aspect of “deferred hope” I came across in a book. It really got me to thinking. Sometimes, do we place our hope in dreams, desires, or do we place our hope in God. This is especially true when outcomes do not meet our expectations. This is when its challenging to be joyful in hope. Thanks for reading the post.

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