Does obedience define an authentic Christian?

An authentic faith reveals itself in words and actions, but does obedience define an authentic Christian?

A true believer is defined by Truth. Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.” A life in Christ rests in Christ. They have come to the knowledge that finding the mystery of godliness is by resting in His completed work. Jesus defines this as the way. Jesus is not impressed with busyness.

Jesus said, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.”

By resting in Christ, a believer exhibits the life of Christ. They rest in a power outside of themselves. They are identity is found by trusting in the promise that God has done everything that has to be done. A life in Christ is what generates good works that is pleasing to God. Like a river swollen with melting snow, obedience overflows the banks of a Christian life. It cannot be helped.

“True faith is always known and evidenced by words and deeds of obedience to God’s will.” (Mark Jeske)

Faith is not just a personal matter. It is not a secret agreement, treaty or contract between God and our self. Faith is a transformation of the heart. It reflects Christ in us to the world.

Faith is not the seeking of inner peace for self-realization, but reveals itself outwardly. By being absorbed by Christ’s righteousness, perfection, and beauty, our life reveals our inner transformation that is reflected in our attitudes, responses, and genuineness to the outside world. This is the salt a believer brings to the world. This is the light that shines on top of a hill.

A phony faith slaps the face of God when that faith rests on one’s obedience. Truth does not reside in them. They profess a faith in Christ, but lacks wisdom in comprehending what God has already accomplished for them.

Phony Christians know the Christian talk and how to behave on Sunday mornings, but are a different person at home or at work. Jesus refers to phony Christians as hypocrites. There is probably no greater damage to the God’s kingdom — no greater dishonor to God — than those who damage the church by their words and actions. The Bible often mentions the need to be careful of them and the promotion of a false gospel.

A false gospel steals rest in the heart of believers by promoting the need to offer themselves, their commitment, their sacrifice, their worth in worship, in place of Christ. Self generated springs of water quickly runs dry in our reservoir instead of receiving the Living Water of Christ.

An authentic Christian rests in the life of Christ. They are defined by Christ, absorbed in Christ, crucified for Christ.

Authentic Christians is what or world needs today.

“Lord, help me to have an authentic faith. Work in me and through me so I may rest in You. Cleanse me from guilt or shame from failing to do what you ask me to do or failing to be what you ask me to be. This is the cause of me being self-focused instead of Christ-centered. Thank you, Lord for your never-ending forgiveness. For you are worthy, Lord. Amen.”

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