How faith embraces the flaws in our life

Faith means trusting God’s wisdom and resting in the fact that there is more to life than we can possibly know. Receiving God’s wisdom is recognizing His handiwork in our past. Recalling His goodness helps build trust in how He is actively shaping our present.

We fight the incoming tide of discouragement by deliberately sitting at the Lord’s feet and hear His words about promises in life that really matter. Is there no greater honor than knowing your name is on the lips of Christ our Savior?

Living the authentic Christian life means to take off the trappings of our old life and accentuate the positives by being absorbed in Christ. His peace stems the tide of discouragement. Waves of grace wipe out the sand fortresses of guilt when we realize that God never tires of forgiving us.

Testing our faith means to trust God’s promise that we have not failed the test. We pause and evaluate whether our Christian life is focusing on what I can do for Christ or what Christ has already done for me.


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Nagging guilt bombards are conscience with the accusations that I have made mistakes. Shame furthers the guilt by embracing the lie that I am a mistake. The cross of Jesus Christ shuts up the echoing accusations with the pronouncement, “It is finished!”

God creates our flaws out of His wisdom and purpose. In our inadequacies, God finds opportunities. We embrace our imperfections, by receiving Christ’s perfection. Our vision changes from not what we see in the mirror, but in how Christ sees us. Faith receives Christ’s reflection. We are a light because Christ is the source of light. We are a shaker and Christ fills us with salt.

“Lord, create in me to be a holy man or woman for the sole purpose of persuading others towards you. May I be like David whom you declared as a man after your own heart. Despite his flaws and mistakes, he embraced your grace and wisdom. May the same be said of me. Amen.”




To be an effective witness for Christ, we must first see and hear what God has to say about us. To proclaim God’s Word, a person must rely on the power of God’s Word. God works through His Word, which is far more subtle, powerful, and penetrating than anything we can say.

“The only thing that frustrates God and ties His hands is when we declare ourselves unavailable.” (David Roper)

“Lord, create within me the attitude of willingness to share God’s Word with others. Grant me the eyes to see, the courage to speak, and the ears to listen for divine appointments that you reserve especially for me. Thank you for the privilege to be your messenger. Amen.”

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