A Faithful God Never Stops Pursuing

Despite our unfaithfulness, God always remains faithful. Despite our lack of trust, God remains trustworthy.

So often in the business of doing, we forget that our walk with Christ is all about being. God is looking for a true heart that fully rests in His promises. A distracted heart tends to be forgetful and can easily get lost.

Our heart yearns for those loved ones that have turned their back on God. They are lost and we come before the Good Shepherd today to ask Him to find them. We ask for His mercy and patience. We trust that God’s never-ending pursuit is far greater than we can imagine.

“Their hearts were not true to him. They weren’t faithful to the covenant he had made with them. But he was full of tender love. He forgave their sins and didn’t destroy his people.  Time after time he held back His anger. He didn’t let all of his burning anger blaze out. He remembered that they were only human. He remembered they were only a breath of air that drifts by and doesn’t return.” (Psalm 78:37-39)

“In my personal devotions lately, I’ve been reading in Kings – I’m currently in 2 Kings. What has been striking me is that despite Israel, the northern kingdom, rejecting God and going their own way, God relentlessly pursues them. Elijah and Elisha were sent by God and worked primarily in Israel and with the kings of Israel – not with the kings of Judah. Despite Israel’s rejecting God, God continues to try and point them back to Him. He continues to bless them with victories over their enemies and with miraculous wonders. God continues to try to win them back to Himself.  He pursues, pursues, and pursues. What a comfort this is for those we know who have turned their back on God! Just as He did with Israel, He is doing with those spouses, children, and loved ones who have rejected Him and now look to other gods – whatever that may be. God still cares!! God is not willing to turn His back just because we do! His patience is long – His mercy is great – and He still extends His blessings! He is pursuing them and desires for them to turn to Him. What an amazing God!”   (Lori Malnes)

Our prayer today:

“Lord, you know the desires of my heart. You can see the image of [name] in my conscience for whom I constantly pray for. Thank you for always listening to my prayers. I commit [name] into Your hands. I trust that you are relentless in Your pursuit, never-ending in your grace, and always present with your hand of forgiveness. Grant me your peace today. Amen.”

2 Comments on “A Faithful God Never Stops Pursuing

  1. Well said Lori! It’s a great observation that God works so hard to win Israel back throughout their history. And so good to know about those who have wandered from His fold. thanks!

    • Thanks, Ben. I am blessed to have such a great partner in the ministry. She expresses herself beautifully in her prayers and writing. Thanks for the encouragement.

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