How being is far more important than doing in our walk with Christ

Our human nature is prone to building our identity around something outside of God. No matter which path we take, it winds up on a dead end street.

Inner longings will never satisfy what dreams will bring when they are apart from God. The worst condition is finding ourselves wading in a pool of regrets when the sun begins to set on our life.

There are signs God plants on the side of life’s road. One particularly large sign reads, “Check your ego!” Left unattended, our egos can be like a bad bruise. The slightest touch can bring great pain. As our body gives physical signals that something is wrong, our egos can do the same thing. Sometimes we play the comparison game where the grass of success and riches looks better on the other side. Ouch! Sometimes we remove God from his throne when we complain to him about difficult outcomes or circumstances that affect ourselves, our family, our work, or at church. Ouch! It’s painful when God removes us from His throne to let us know that He is God and we are not.

“Lord, we come before you today to open our eyes to the signs that are planted along the side of our road. Allow us to be aware of your signals to change, to make a u-turn, to do whatever it takes so we can be your witness, your light, your messenger. Amen.”

Being is far more important than doing in our walk with Christ. Being effective and productive for Christ relies on who and what we are in Christ. Sometimes, it feels that we are doing nothing worthwhile. And honestly, we wrestle more often than we care to admit in gauging our weakness and the value of our walk, our witness, and our light. But what’s more important? The opinion we have in ourselves? The opinions we gather from others? Or, the opinion of Christ?

Those who are in Christ are being worthwhile. We are far more effective being in Christ than whatever we are doing for Christ.

People who place their trust in Christ do not connect their accomplishments or failures with their identity of who they are in Christ. It is immaterial. In our work, in our play, in our relationships, in our walk with Christ, when all is done for the glory of Christ, then results really don’t matter. God is in control of that. In the meantime, we remain connected to Christ. We keep plugged in to His Spirit. As long as our light is shining, that is all that matters.

When our life of faith and our identity is based entirely on what Christ’s opinion is of us, then that truth affects our attitude, our praise… and our Christian walk.

“Lord, I place my trust entirely in you. This means that your opinion of me matters far more than my opinion or the opinion of others. Prompt me, Lord, to regularly read about your opinion that is found in Your Word. Finally, Lord, may my walk be a reflection of your opinion of me. Amen.”

Good books are like good friends. They put their arm around you and tell you what you need to hear. Sometimes good blog posts work the same way.

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Quote of the week:
“Do you realize that it is only in the gospel of Jesus Christ that you get the verdict before the performance?” (Timothy Keller)

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  1. This is the truth that humans often overlook. After all, we are not machinery; we are beings supposed to live life.

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