A big God yet He knows us each intimately

My son introduced me to a neat website flightradar24.com. It is an amazing site that shows all the planes being tracked around the world at any given moment.

At times during the day, roughly 10,000 planes are traversing through the air. The site shows every plane and a person can click on a plane and it will tell you where it came from, where it is headed, and what kind of plane it is. It is amazing! But it is also a bit scary – all those planes flying around – the United States alone is a sea of planes – what keeps them from colliding into one another! All those wonderful air-traffic controllers out there doing their jobs makes the seemingly impossible possible.

I would imagine that if there was some way of tracking humans, the site would look even more confusing and dangerous than tracking airplanes! And that is only tracking a person’s movements!  How about all that is going on in one individual’s life – health, desires, temptations, relationships – keeping track of all of that is mind-boggling!! Yet we have a big God who does just that! He knows each of us intimately – He even knows how many hairs we have on our head – He created each of us – each is special – each of us is unique and important to Him. WOW!! There is no super-computer or super website that can do and hold all that information – PLUS have an intimate relationship with each individual. What an amazing, super, awesome, and spectacular and BIG God we have!!  WOW!!

Psalm 139:2-3, 6
You know when I sit down and when I get up.  You know what I’m thinking even though you are far away.  You know when I go to work and when I come back home.  You know exactly how I live.  I’m amazed at how well you know me.  It’s more than I can understand.

“Dear amazing God!  I know that not only am I special to You, but so are many others. You know exactly what is going on in each life.  LORD, instill in us a hunger for Your Word.  And for those who don’t know you, may their eyes be open to the truth found within – may Your Spirit work mightily in their hearts – may faith in the real You take root.  LORD, open the eyes of Christians so they may see those who are searching for you – may they see them with Your eyes and as an opportunity to be Your witness, to share Your truth and love – to BE Your love. Open my eyes to those You have placed in my own life to be Your witness – to share Your life and love. And LORD, rise up and come to the aid of those who are being terrorized and murdered for their belief in You. Come to their aid – stop the atrocities – make Your presence known. For I know if I shed tears over their circumstances, You must be shedding tears also. Oh, Jesus, I know You allow life to go on this earth to allow as many people as possible to come to know You – but Jesus, I also ask, may Your kingdom come soon!!”

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