In rememberance of me

Tokens of friendship and pictures of loved ones serve as reminders of what is most important in life. People.

Gravestones mark the departure of loved ones. Memorials honor the service and sacrifice from others. Rings remember covenant promises.

We pause to remember. We strive to be remembered.

In the river of life, busyness and normalcy acts like a strong current. Memories sweep away from the shores of our conscious. Pictures treasure and preserve the memories of what is good and pleasing; small tokens of important events preserve the still waters that gather by the banks of a river that harbor peace and purpose. We peer into the clear pool of water and see our self, our loved ones, and the defining moments in our lives.

Remember. Be remembered.

Gathering around the table, devoted friends enjoy each other’s presence. Food and drink passes from plate to plate while gentle laughter pervades the air. They do not know what the next forty-eight hours will bring — except the One.

Something needs to be done to preserve this time. Something needs to be preserved for what He is going to do.

Taking a loaf of bread, He says, “Take, eat, do this in remembrance of me.” He passes the loaf along and picks up a cup of wine. He says, “Take, drink, do this in remembrance of me.”

The disciples remain solemn yet not surprised. They seem to know what is happening. A covenant is being established. A new covenant is being proclaimed. Much like a wedding covenant between a bride and a groom, Jesus was making a promise.

Remember Me and I will remember you.

Remain in Me and I will remain in you.

Receive My presence and I will always be with you.

With the hour of His death drawing near, Jesus was verbally drawing up a last will and testament. Jesus was using common earthly elements to serve as heavenly treasures and reminders of His covenant promises.

I am the Groom and you are the bride. Eat, drink, and wait faithfully for My return.

I am the Savior and you are My followers. Eat, drink, and remember these days.

I am the Lamb going to His slaughter to take away the sins of the world.

I am the Benefactor and you are receivers. Eat, drink, and remember what I have done for you.

With His last breath, Jesus declared, “It is finished!” His last will and testament proclaimed around the table is now in effect. Believers who place their trust in Christ’s promises, receive the bread and wine to remember.

What Christ has won they now receive.

In His perfect obedience, they are now worthy.

Peace, hope, the renewing of our faith comes from the reassurance of promises and the binding nature of a legal document. Christ’s blood signed the dotted line. The debt is paid. Believers are heirs. The legal status cements a verdict for those who place their trust in Christ.

The life of a believer rests on who they are rather than what they do. To rest in Christ means acknowledging the mystery of godliness in that Christ lives in us. His presence is real, around us, and within us.

He makes His presence known in His Word.

He introduces His presence to others through our words and actions.

He reminds of His presence through the bread and the wine.

Like a small child coming to a dinner table, we partake of the food for which has already been prepared and provided. We proclaim our dependence, we offer our thanksgiving, we praise His name, and…

We remember.

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