Five benefits a calm spirit can do in a rising storm

There is something majestic upon seeing a small, still lake in the mountains. Calm waters reflect the beautiful surroundings and the towering images of jagged mountain peaks. Peace transcends from the calm water and quiets our soul.

A calm spirit during turbulent times is a gift from God. It’s keeping your head while everyone else is losing their own. It’s rising above the dust kicked up from adversity and seeing the clear air of hope, peace, and God’s will.

One of the greatest lessons I learn from maintaining a calm spirit happened in Fresno, California many years ago.

I was in charge of halftime during Fresno State football games. Hours of planning and preparation went into a 12-minute window. There comes a point in time when all the preparation stops and the event happens. Nothing more can be done. Either the event goes off smoothly or disaster lurks behind an unplanned circumstance.

For one halftime, disaster struck. A football-throwing machine that was working perfectly during pre-game, decided not to work when the spotlight of halftime took stage. Instead of perfect spirals that were supposed to be caught by a contestant to win a large-screen television, the footballs were more like wobbly ducks. They were impossible to catch.

Forty thousand football fans hooted their disapproval.

And there was nothing you can do.

A calm spirit accepts the circumstances and keeps a clear head to make decisions. A clear mind doesn’t point fingers, but finds other options. A clear conscious picks up a football on the ground, throws a perfect spiral, and the contestant catches it to win the prize!

And the crowd goes wild.

At least that was the idea that I came up after the halftime was over.

A lesson is learned. Sometimes circumstances happen that is beyond your control. Panic is not the answer, but keeping a calm spirit. We remember the Bible verse, “Be still and know that I am God.” A calm heart keeps a clear mind. It remembers that no matter how we can prepare and plan, God is ultimately in control of all things. We trust that while everything seems to be going south, our compass is still pointing north.

What are five benefits that a calm spirit can do in a rising storm?

  1. We never make decisions or act in panic. Spirit-filled responses happen when our hearts remain calm. Take a deep breath and know that God is God and I am not.
  2. When God’s way for our life remains hidden, it is clear that there is no need for action. Be calm and serve faithfully.
  3. By placing you right where you need to be, trust that God is responsible for all the results. Be calm and serve faithfully.
  4. A calm heart invites true humility by recognizing that whatever we accomplish in life happens only because God has enabled it. Be calm and serve faithfully.
  5. Conflict is inevitable. Avoiding it is not the answer, but learning how to manage it. Be calm and approach conflict with a courageous heart.

A clear mind is like a still lake — we reflect the majesty of a living God that towers above our circumstances and provides peace. People take notice of that.

How does God remind you in His Word to have a calm heart?

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