How faith receives Christ our Consumer

The fear behind unbelief is that we were bought at a price.

Our human pride desires a payment plan to prompt obedience. Grace is difficult if not impossible to grasp when we believe there is no such thing as a free lunch. Human wisdom infiltrates our concept of what God has already done for us in Christ.

Receiving the benefits of faith in Christ comes down to comprehending a simple question.

How much are you worth?

If there were a price tag attached to your soul, what would it be?

Sometimes we feel like an item on sale at the neighborhood Walmart store. Our value is posted on a sticker or a signboard overhead. We are placed on display for the world to see. We are compared, squeezed, sniffed, and judged. Are you worth the price?

A final decision influenced by price, packaging, or need is made in those few minutes. Are you worthy of being purchased?

Have you ever felt that your life is on display? Perhaps tucked away behind several others items, hoping to be seen, acknowledged, or chosen. Nothing left to do to influence a purchase. We are what we are. The decision is not ours to be chosen, but rests entirely on the consumer.

Is my price too high? Is there a rip in my packaging? Is my brand reliable, trustworthy, created from a reputable company?

“Christianity is by no means the opiate of the people. It’s more like the smelling salts.” (Timothy Keller)

Our human pride or sense of fairness likes to think that all of our good works will be put on display on the day of judgment. God will walk down our aisle with a clipboard in his hand, peering closely at our craftsmanship, care, and expertise. Will we be judged worthy of a blue ribbon? Will we meet His standard? Did I present myself well? How do I compare with the others?

The trouble is that our human pride places a far greater value than our soul deserves. We are like a Christmas ornament in ripped packaging, tired-looking and torn, placed on display in January — forgotten, forlorn, with little hope of being purchased. Our pride has a hard time accepting that.

The beauty of faith is that Jesus is our Consumer.

“You are not your own, for you were bought with a price.” (1 Cor. 6:20)

Faith in Christ mean that we are no longer on display to be deemed worthy by God to be purchased. We have already been bought by Christ, our Consumer. That is the great news of the gospel!

The secret of godliness is that we are no longer on display in this world. We have been taken off the shelf. In our place is Christ. He is our light. He is our salt. By remaining in Christ, we introduce the presence of Christ to the world. His life is on display through us.

By displaying the love of Christ, we receive the platform, the permission, the power, the opportunity, and the privilege of proclaiming the words of Christ.
Here are five thought to help us Witness Well this week:

  1. Faith in Christ receives God’s full acceptance and gives a new identity.
  2. Joy and gratitude for God arrives when we realize the cost of our free and full forgiveness.
  3. Cultivating an awed and grateful love for what He has done for us is the best way to grow in Christ.
  4. True contentment and fulfillment in this life is found only in Christ.
  5. Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross and victory over the consequences of sin is to keep the world from being our true home.

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