Be an Answer to Someone’s Prayer

As I am reading through the Old Testament, I have come to the books of the Chronicles. The first nine chapters of 1 Chronicles is a listing of genealogies – nine chapters! That is longer than some of the books of the Bible!

What strikes me is the importance of people and relationships that God includes in His Word. People matter to God – it is how He gets His message to those who need to hear it. Only in rare instances in the Bible does God, Himself, share a message to unbelievers – and even then, He uses a believer to translate that message (i.e. Pharaoh’s dreams – Joseph; King Belshazzar and the handwriting on the wall – Daniel; etc.).

God, in His infinite wisdom, uses people – us, you and me – to share with others both the dire consequences of sin and the grace of our Savior.  We have been giving both the privilege and the responsibility of being His witnesses – and how often do I ignore that honor?

Recently, I have become ever mindful that we could be an answer to prayer for someone God has placed in our lives. Perhaps a neighbor, friend, or co-worker is someone whose parents, siblings, aunt or uncle, grandparent or grandchild has been praying for – prayers that some Christian would build that relationship and share the message of God’s wrath and grace – prayers that seeds be planted in the lives of loved ones.

God uses us – you and me – to be His witnesses. The almighty God of this world allows us – you and me – to be His spokes-persons. Our wonderful God allows us to be an answer to prayer! So often we focus on the praying part and forget that we can be part of the answer to someone else’s prayer.  WOW!

Come and listen, all you who have respect for God.  Let me tell you what He has done for me.” (Psalm 66:16)

“Oh, amazing God! You are beyond my understanding! Your ways baffle me! Yet I know Your ways work and are the best. In Your infinite wisdom, You have called on us – on me – to be Your witness here on earth. You have charged us – me – with sharing You and Your message with those You have purposely placed in my life. You have given me the privilege of being an answer to someone’s prayer – of involving me in the planting of seeds, of being You to those others are praying for. LORD, open my eyes – give me Your confidence! Thank you for Your Spirit – may I rest in Him.  In Jesus’ precious name I come before You! Amen.”

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