Fuel for the Weekend

Adorned with precious jewels, a keepsake locked under key, trust is a valuable word that is not given away freely. Trust is not meant to be an artifact, preserved and protected — kept under glass. It is a key for freedom by unlocking yourself to experience love in its truest form.

God, the Perfector of love, asks us to trust in Him. He asks us to not be afraid for we will never be abandoned.

Faith in Christ means receiving, trusting, or taking what God is giving us. Christ has done everything for us to be declared righteous before God. Right now. Peace, security, freedom, and salvation are the benefits of trusting in Christ’s completed work on behalf of us. Faith in Christ means you are staying with a winner.

We can trust Him no matter what our circumstance may be.

Thought for the weekend:

There are no mirrors in heaven only portraits of grace. And that includes you!

“From the west, men will fear the name of the Lord, and from the rising of the sun, they will revere his glory. For he will come like a pent-up flood that the breath of the Lord drives along.” (Isaiah 59:19)

Good blog posts I read this week:

The Ache of Empty Arms: 6 Ways to Support Parents After Infant Loss

Six ways to offer support: 1. Acknowledge the babies. 2. Pray for the couples. 3. Be understanding. 4. Honor the grandparents. 5. Break the taboo. 6. Help parents make tangible reminder of the short life.

When pastors lose their swagger

Very interesting insight in the life of pastors and ministers who try to deal with success and failure in ministry. In our culture, numbers define pastors. Too often we take too much credit or too much blame. In every failure and in every success, Christ is found. A daily reminder of finding God in the work of our hands is needed for every person who works in full-time ministry.

Three insights on the Millenials and the Bible.

Now that my children are part of the Millennial group, I have become even more interested in learning more about them and their unique views on life and culture.

“In a recent study among Millennials, Barna Group sought to discover how changing ideas about Christianity might be affecting perceptions of the Bible. This study—the largest Barna Group has ever done on a single generation’s view of the Bible—looked at Millennials’ beliefs, perceptions and practices surrounding Scripture. Three significant—and surprising—insights emerged. 1) Practicing Christian young adults maintain a traditional, high view of Scripture. 2) In contrast, non-Christian Millennials hold ambivalent and sometimes extremely negative perceptions of the Bible and of those who read it. 3) And while the screen age has impacted Bible engagement, print remains Millennials’ favored format for Bible reading.”

Take a short quiz to see how well you know the language of Mormonism.

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