Twelve reliable promises to fully place our trust in

Faith means taking God at His Word — trusting fully that God keeps His promises. Perfectly.

We live in a world where promises are broken, disappointment reigns, and hope burns like a flickering candle at the end of its wick. It’s no wonder people escape into sports, gaming, and the safety of building artificial relationships on social media. The fragility of life promotes distrust when the world provides answers that are as stable as thin ice. Who can we place our trust when the bridge looks wobbly and the path seems foggy and dark?

Out of the darkness and confusion of this world, God extends His hand and asks, “Will you trust me?” Faith receives God’s gift of grace and the eternal benefits associated with Christ’s victory. Faith receives God’s presence, His assurance, and His peace. When questions remain unanswered and difficult circumstances arise, a life of faith rests in God’s promises. To rest means to remain. And by remaining in Christ, we bear fruit that will last. By doing so, the world notices. By our fruit, we build a platform to proclaim the message of Christ. When the world asks, we can share promises from God from which we place our hope in.

Here are Twelve Promises we can share:

  1. God gives us every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms.
    Why?  Because we are in Christ.
  2. God has already taken the initiative to provide salvation by choosing us.
    When?  Before the creation of the world.
  3. We are already holy and without fault in God’s sight.
    How?  Because God has chosen us to be in Christ who is perfect in every way.
  4. God has already adopted us into his family.
    Why?  Because God wants to and this brings him great pleasure.
  5. God has freely given us his glorious grace.
    Why?  Because God loves his one and only Son who lives in us.
  6. God has already purchased our freedom from the slavery of sin.
    How?  Christ being our substitute on the cross.
  7. All our sins [past, present and future] are forgiven.
    Why?  This is in accordance with the riches of God’s grace. It’s God being God.
  8. God lavishes us with all wisdom and understanding.
    Why? Because he loves us like a father who lavishes gifts upon his children.
  9. God has revealed to us the greatest mystery of the world – His plan of salvation.
    Why?  This is according to his good pleasure and purpose.  It’s God being God.
  10. We were already chosen to be in Christ before we were even born.
    Why?  This is God’s plan and his purpose for our life.
    Why?  So we may bring glory and praise to God by placing our hope in Him.
  11. We are fully included and accepted by God.
    Why?  We have heard the truth of Christ and believe in His promises.
  12. We have been identified and sealed as God’s own child.
    Why?  So we are guaranteed to receive our inheritance.
    Why?  So we can praise and glorify Him without fear.

Trust Christ. He is perfectly reliable and trustworthy.

(You can find all of these promises in Ephesians 1:3-14.)

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