Fuel for the Weekend

“Do not fear!”

I wonder if Jesus had one phrase to yell from the mountaintop, to write in the clouds, to proclaim all over the internet, I think it would be this simple three-word phrase, “Do not fear!”

With outstretched arms, Christ receives.

With a grateful heart, Christ forgives.

With perfect faithfulness, Christ never leaves.

“Remain in me, and you will never be abandoned!”

Are not those the words you long to hear the most? To trust, to place your confidence in, to not have any fear that you will be disappointed, let down or left alone.

When we hang on to the words of Christ — it is He who lifts and holds us up.


The season is changing and so is our family. After many years of watching our kids play sports, driving to practices, and cheer, it all came to a close on a cool fall evening when our youngest child ended her soccer career. It was senior night. Only months ago, our two sons ended their athletic career. And now, they joined us in a special commemoration of their little sister.

Thought for the weekend:

Social media is not about competition, ammunition, or opposition. Social Media is about a conversation. A way to listen and hear and not be afraid. (Ann Voskamp)

Good posts I read this week:

Our family talked about Brittany this week. She is the young lady with terminal brain cancer who publicly decided to end her life today (but has later recanted). In this thoughtful post, a young lady offers her Christian perspective and encouragement.

“I know all your reasons for carefully orchestrating the death you have planned for November 1. You want to die with dignity. You want to avoid the horrible pain. You know this cancer will eventually take your life anyway. And you want to control what little is left to control. But believing that life is only worth living when you’re healthy and strong and have many years ahead and are living with full control . . . it’s a big, sad lie.”

One brave way to heal our relationships

Ann Voskamp provides a thoughtful post on the art and the power of listening.

“We don’t have to be afraid. Listening to other people’s words need not undermine the Word.

There are a million beaten paths. And no matter what words people use — everyone is just asking to be loved.

..When we listen to words, not to shoot them down, but to open us up — Grace can walk in.

When we listen to words not to indict them but to inform us, they can form us into a cup of understanding. This quenches the world’s parched places.”

Have a blessed weekend!

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