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While visiting my father and mother-in-law in Minnesota, we were starting to reminisce on how God works in our lives.

In the mid-1960’s, they received an invitation to be world missionaries in Japan. After starting a church in Billings, Montana, the thought of going to Japan seemed like moving to the end of the world. Even though they had three small children with another one on the way, even though they were leaving a growing church, the Lord led them to come to Japan.

The first year wasn’t easy for my mother-in-law.

“I really struggled with four young children at home. My husband was not home very much trying to learn to speak and write the Japanese language. I struggled trying to adjust to living in a brand new culture and being far away from home. But the Lord was good to me. He used my struggles to teach me how to pray and to have a real, deeper relationship with my Savior. I vividly remember the day when the Lord spoke to my heart.
I was on my way to language class in downtown Tokyo. After finally learning to make all the connections by subway and train, I remember crossing over a large pedestrian bridge that went over about six to eight lanes of busy downtown traffic.

The Lord asked, “Margaret, what is it that you want?”

I told him, “Lord, I first want to be a good wife and second, I want to be a good mommy to my kids.”

“Margaret,” the Lord answered, “You can have everything you want, because you can be a good wife and a good mommy to your kids — anywhere in the world.” It was right then that the Lord gave me a peace of mind that I was seeking. It was then that the Lord started me on a wonderful journey to know Him at a far deeper level than ever before.”

Something so simple can be so profound.

Our heart aches and yet sometimes, we aren’t quite sure what it is that our heart is aching for.

The Lord often presents amazing discoveries during a time of great difficulty. It is during these times when the basics of our life — our innermost desires and dreams — dramatically appears before us and God places them directly on our laps. The fog of pain and misery miraculously clears and we see the goodness of the Lord. We see His hands and His ways in a new light. In that discovery, we find how much God has already blessed us by granting us the desires of our heart.

We just never really knew it before.

Our journey in faith takes a new direction knowing that God will continue to care for us. Our trust in Him goes even deeper.

“Take delight in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.” (Ps 37:4)

Our family woke up this week to a new snow that fell in the Treasure valley of Idaho. We love snow, but not this early, nor this much. Snow does not come very often, but this time it is a welcome guest. However, I hope it doesn’t stay very long.

Winter ONE

Winter TWO

Winter THREE

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