Fuel for the Weekend

The Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday is over.  Another Black Friday is in the records.  I have a suggestion for another day to add to this week.

Slumber Saturday.

It’s hard to find good rest these days.  To-do lists, the shopping lists, bucket lists, and a list of projects around the home.

It’s hard to celebrate, meditate, or even re-calibrate the essentials in life when there is so many distractions.

And I am as guilty as any.

In week of rest reserved for watching football on television, I have been working on a complete revamping of my personal organizational system.

I used to thrive on doing the little things well.  I believe that by concentrating on doing the extra that nobody else is doing — an organization can thrive in a competitive world.  The problem is that I have been relying on my brain too much to store, collect, and prioritize my actions.

I am getting older and my brain is not functioning as it used to.  I’m not doing the little things as well.

Beginning this week, I am ushering myself into the new electronic age and completely revamping my system.  I am throwing away my appointment book, calendar, and hand-written to-do lists in favor of a new tablet with a keyboard and a touch screen.

It’s one of the scariest things I have ever done.

Not only is it learning a new technology, but its learning to trust new technology in favor of an old trusted system.

This reminds me of our faith in Christ. When new problems arise, when troubling incidents dominate the news, we are tempted to look at the world to provide comfort, peace, and security. We are tempted to look for something new to solve problems rather than relying on the old.

I was reminded this week in Psalm 19 that only in the name of the Lord can we rise up and stand firm against any circumstance. Instead of relying on “princes” and “horses” to win our battles, to provide security, to make us feel safe, we trust in God’s promises. Fear, hand-wringing, and grumbling are not only evidences of a lack of trust, but they do not shed light to the world. By expressing our confidence in Christ through words, we share that light. Yet, the most powerful light can be found in our eyes. Only there, can people see the sincere trust that even though we may not have the answers, we trust in Christ for the solutions. And out of that trust, our hearts overflow with joy that is reflected in our words, actions, and countenance.

What a great day to be a light in this world!

A week in southern Minnesota, I rejoice in meeting friends who continue to place their trust in the Lord. I’m thankful for spending time with the family of Glenn and Tammy and their family farm in Lewiston, MN.






Thoughts for the weekend:

“If we will center our lives on him, serving him not out of self-interest, but just for the sake of who he is, for the sake of his beauty and glory, we will.. share in the joy and love he lives in.” (T. Keller)

“We were made to center our lives upon him, to make the purpose and passion of our live knowing, serving, delighting, and resembling him.” (T. Keller)

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