Walking in the Light

A popular expression for the Christian faith is to walk with Christ. It describes a journey along a path where Christ’s presence is near. But so often, we tend to wonder if we are on the right path, if Christ’s presence is real, if we are doing what is necessary to follow His ways.

The secret of walking in the light of Christ is learning how to stand. Before we stand, we learn how to rest. Before we rest, we fully acknowledge that only through Christ, we are made alive in Christ.

Christ is our breath, our pulse, our light. He gives us the air to breathe, the food to eat, the life to walk. Resting in this truth initiates the first step of walking in the light of Christ. Each step is a reflection of His strength, His grace, and His mercy.

The more we walk in Christ the more we realize that we are not walking with Him, per se, but through Him.

How do we know if we are walking in the Light?

Jesus says to love those who hate, to extend mercy to those who persecute, to forgive the unforgivable. Impossible for those who walk outside the Light. Unthinkable for those who are not wrapped up in the protecting arms of a Savior.

To love my enemies as myself?

Our human nature is designed to protect, to persevere, to find security in wealth, relationships, and power. To welcome threats, to reach out to those who threaten, to step out of a comfort zone to serve the undeserving is too much to ask.  And Jesus knows this. With understanding in His eye, He extends a hand and declares, “I know you can’t, that’s why I’m asking you to trust Me. Only through Me can you walk in My shoes, crucify your fears, and step out in faith.”  In doing so, we are able to see that the secret place where we thought we were safe and protected from life’s hurts and disappointments has quite a flimsy roof and very tattered walls.

Only when we realize the false security in ourselves, can we truly trust in Jesus and, through Him, love our enemies and be the light for which He asks us to be.

A life in Christ does not walk with Christ but runs to love others – especially the unlovable who have already been thrown into life’s trash heap.  A life in Christ does not yearn to protect, seek retribution, or cower in non-confrontation, but exposes light in the darkest of places – namely, a soul blind in unbelief.

Perhaps we spend too much time learning to walk in Christ. Instead, we ought to focus on resting in promises. By doing so, we rely on His strength, His will, His light. Then, we are ready to tackle all things through whom Christ gives us strength to be, to live, to say, and to act.

“Dear Christ in me, thank you for being my all.  Thank you for not asking me to travel this life on my own.  Thank you for Your strength, Your grace, Your mercy.  Help me rest in You and in Your promises – to acknowledge Your life within me and to live accordingly.  Use me as Your light in this dark world, to do the impossible and unthinkable because You are in me, leading others to You.  I rest in Your powerful name.  Amen.”

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