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December 16, 2014

God’s Stocking Gifts

by L Malnes

Christmas is fast approaching! I was out buying stocking gifts this weekend and enjoying finding little things – keeping the person in mind – wanting to please and bring smiles. There certainly is joy in giving!

Anyway, on my drive home, I was thinking of all the “stocking gifts” that God gives me daily – a scent on a morning walk that brings back fond memories of Lake Nojiri from my childhood, a random hug from my adult son, a smile and glace from my husband that speaks of love. Different things on different days, but little gifts none the less. What pleasure it must bring God to plan and dispense these gifts!  What thought and care goes into each little gift – He knows us so very well!!

christmas-gifts-07Each day as we get ready to celebrate the big gift of Jesus, let us also be aware of the little stocking gifts that God gives us daily – and let us not forget to thank Him!!  He is the master of giving – what joy He must have in that giving!!  And what a wonderful way for us to please Him – to acknowledge those gifts and give Him thanks!

“Every good and perfect gift is from God. It comes down from the Father.”  (James 1:17a)


A prayer:

“Dear wonderful Giver!  What an amazing and awesome gift-giver You are!!  Thank you for continuing to shower me with all sorts of gifts each day!  Help me be more aware of all these gifts so I can thank You.  And thank you for coming to earth so long ago – what a sacrifice and incredible wonder – Emmanuel – God with us!!  WOW!!”

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