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I overheard a radio announcer this morning talk about why people today complain so much – especially over matters which seem so inconsequential.

All a person needs is to have a significant health problem where serious pain is a part of their daily life to appreciate what they have – and what they could easily lose. We often take health for granted.

When bills are left unpaid or we see a neighbor receive a shiny, new, expensive gift for Christmas, our envy tends to inspire grumbling about what we don’t have rather than rejoice in what we do have.

Our human nature always reverts to the world to solve what we think is essential in our lives. Easily distracted, rarely satisfied, we tend to long for something different (money, relationships, health) rather rejoice in what we already have.

God has ways of getting our attention to what’s most important in life. David went through a process of discipline from God to build reverence and trust to prepare him for the future. I believe the same goes for us. God lovingly provides discipline to build our trust. He also provides amazing gifts which largely go unnoticed or quickly forgotten. Perhaps the love of God and how He regularly provides ought to be our thoughts as we enter 2015.

Instead of making New Year resolutions on what we can do, I would like to suggest that we make new resolutions to be in Christ – and see what He can do for us and through us.

May I offer five resolutions for 2015 based on Psalm 62:

  1. My soul can only find true rest in God. In Him, I will never shake with doubt or fear. I am resolute to consistently come to God for He is my rock and my fortress.
  2. My soul can only find true rest in God. In Him, I will always have hope for the future, confidence in the present, and forgiveness from the past. For this, I am resolute in Christ.
  3. My soul depends solely on God for my salvation. He will lift me up before the world and claim me as His own. He is the mighty Rock, my refuge, my source of trust for every storm. For this, I am resolute in Christ.
  4. My soul trusts in one thing that God has told us. You, O God, are strong! For this, I am resolute in Your strength.
  5. My souls trusts in two thing we have heard. You, O God, are loving. And You, O God, have heavenly rewards awaiting us in paradise. For this, I am resolute in what You have already done for us to make our salvation secure.

We can pray,

“O Lord, in the swirling winds of my soul and my mind, where confusion can easily reign, I claim my trust in You alone. You are my Rock of Gibraltar from I can stand tall through any storm and be a light for all to see. You are my refuge where I can find security, rest, and renewal. You are my salvation. You are my honor for which I am fully dependent in You. I thank you for not only making my salvation secure in You, but for keeping me lifted up. The only way I can respond is to trust in You entirely at all times, and pour out my words, my prayers, and my service in Your name alone.  Amen.”

Posts this week worth reading:

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