Sand Piles Inside!

Over the week of Christmas this year, our family gathered at a house on the Oregon coast.  This house sat right on the beach and less than 48 hours before we arrived, a major storm had hit the coast – winds of 70+mph and a lot of rain.

Before the storm, there sat a large tall dune between the house and the beach.  When we arrived, the dune had been more or less leveled and the house sat literally on the beach – still far enough away and high enough from the crashing waves, but the driveway now had 4-6 inches of sand and the back patio was buried beneath at least a foot or two of sand.  Inside was cozy and warm, but you could tell the storm had brought high winds as the fine sand had come in along doorways, windows, and patio doors.  How strange to see little piles of sand inside a wonderful house!  It made me think of all the hard hearts that we sometimes see in the people God places in our lives – we think they are shuttered up tight, sealed, impenetrable.  But God’s Word and our prayers are like the fine sand – they can get in when it looks like nothing can.  But unlike sand which is odorless, God’s Word and our prayers are filled with the scent and the power of the Spirit – soon filling the house with His presence.  So when we pray, let us remember that God’s power is so much stronger than 70+mph storm winds – He is the power behind our prayers and behind His Word – oh, God, make some sand piles in the hearts of those we pray for!


Psalm 62:28

God, show us your power.  Show us your strength.  God, do as you have done before.

“Dear almighty God, I pray with the confidence that not only are there others praying with me, but that You infuse our prayers with Your power.  LORD, may Christians open their doors and hearts to share Your Word – to share You – with others.  May seeds be planted to take root in Your time.  And LORD, just as the sand blown in from the storm, use Your power through Word and prayer to infiltrate the hearts of each person we are sharing You with in our lives.  Work the miracle of faith in the hearts of many through Your power and truth.  Thank you, Jesus – thank you!  In the power of Your Name, I pray, Amen!”

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  1. Amen, In the name of Jesus Christ, Lord we Thank you for your Favor and Protection, Pour out your Powerful powers. .

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