Banking on God’s Promises

Parenting changes as your children grow from infancy to adulthood. As my children are one by one leaving the nest, I find myself praying even more.

Recently, the Spirit has led me to reread a book I had read many years ago – a book by David and Heather Kopp entitled “Praying the Bible for Your Children.” Initially, I thought, “My children are all adults now – what will this book have for me?” But as I am reading it, I find it refreshing, encouraging, and very applicable even as my children are now adults and have either left the nest or will be leaving the nest very soon.

And, I am reminded that we are all someone’s child – as are all the people we pray for.

The applications and encouragement I am reading in this book can be wonderfully used when I pray for specific people – no matter who they are. What a neat Spirit! He prompts me to read something that not only encourages me in my own personal prayer life, but that, hopefully, I can apply in encouraging us all to pray.


“Dear Heavenly Father, thank you for not being like a busy parent who says, “Don’t ask – don’t knock – I’m too busy to be bothered!” Today I pray for those who don’t know Jesus – I pray they will begin to ask, search, and knock.  Use Christian friends to introduce them to the truths of Your Word – may their eyes be open. Draw them into a sincere faith in the real You and may they find and experience the wonders of You through Your Word. LORD, I’m banking on Your promise to open the door when they knock. Thanks you! I come before You in Jesus’ name”

I picture you all standing with me before our God – thank you so very much!

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