Fuel for the Weekend

The fans in Green Bay were already checking airfare for Phoenix.

Until late in the fourth quarter when the Seattle Seahawks began a furious and improbable rally. When the ball fell into the outstretched arms of the Seattle receiver, the dramatic overtime victory gave the Seahawks another trip to the Super Bowl.

The defeat was devastating.

In a game where Green Bay had many opportunities to pull away and seal a victory, they gave the home team a chance to win. A game they ought to have won turned into a defeat they will never forget.

I imagine there is a different perspective on owning a Super Bowl ticket. A fan in Seattle may be willing to part with thousands of dollars. A fan in Green Bay may be too hurt, too deflated, still physically ill to even watch the game on TV. To spend money on a Super Bowl ticket?

Bitter defeat in life can devalue a person’s perspective on heaven. They may ask, “Am I truly worthy to receive God’s grace? Have I sinned too much to receive the free forgiveness of sins? Have I experienced too much disappointment, too many difficult life circumstances, too much hurt to even consider receiving a ticket to heaven?” If these are your questions, then Jesus has you right where you need to be. With arms desperately outstretched, he places the winning ball into your hands for a dramatic come-from-behind victory. Jesus has conquered death so you may have life. He has already insured your victory over sin!

A ticket to heaven is far more valuable than a Super Bowl ticket. It’s all a matter of perspective.

A Green Bay fan will not go to the Super Bowl because their team should have been there.

A Seattle fan will not go to the Super Bowl because they are not willing to invest their treasures.

Too deflated. Too expensive.

Too busy. Too good to be true.

If I believe I should be in heaven because of who I am, then no victory awaits.

If I believe that a ticket is not valuable enough to trust Jesus’ words, the no victory awaits.

In some ways, it’s a matter of perspective. Treasures in heaven do not have value unless the Holy Spirit gives you the right perspective.

We can pray,

“Lord, I appreciate watching games like football. In defeat and victory, I enjoy the opportunities to identify with a favorite team. It gives me a great perspective on the joy of victory and what you have already done for me. You have placed me in the game of life where there are many challenges. Yet, not matter what, I can play with joy, peace, and assurance that the game has already been won thanks to you. Allow me to always treasure what you have already given me. Thank you Lord, Amen.




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