Four lessons to help us accept that nothing happens by accident

Nothing happens by accident.

A central promise we receive from God is that He works out all things for our good. In the context of world events and how decisions of others affect people around them, it is difficult to grasp the complexity of a sovereign God and how He works in this world. When good collides with evil – when sin permeates the fabric of our being – we are left to respond by trusting the invisible hand of a loving God. Despite visible circumstances that can lead us to doubt, we surrender to what is unseen by taking God’s at His Word. We trust that He is in charge.

Sometimes breadcrumbs are left along our path to know that God is God and we are not. We look back on our lives to see how God never fails in providing all that we need. He comforts us in knowing that we are on the long, narrow road that leads to glory. He provides understanding that we already righteousness by placing our trust in the righteousness of Christ. Even when life seems to blindfold us, we reach out to grab the arm of His Word and take that next step of faith.

Guilt has a strong tendency to turn a blind eye to God’s providence in our past. The eyes of our heart open when God provides the promise that all guilt and sin is washed away from the blood of Christ. Stains are removed. Trust is restored. A thankful heart responds by stepping out in faith when a step is needed and accepts what we cannot control. A model response is given from the Apostle Paul who bursts out in songs of praise when sitting in a dark, prison cell.

Perhaps that’s a good lesson for us.

Here are four lessons to help us accept that nothing happens by accident:

  • Ask God to show you what He’s doing.

Sometimes we need to stop for directions. Pride keeps us lost and in the dark. It’s okay to ask God in prayer for direction and for understanding. Yet, God has a way of keeping silent, because He is more interested in building trust rather answering questions.

  • Understand that God’s places circumstances in our life to proclaim His message.

Ears are more prone to be pricked when they hear from a person with shared experiences. A wounded servant underlines God’s Word by how they have responded to life’s disappointments. Faith sees the big picture and accepts circumstances to be opportunities for witnessing Christ.


  • Faith recognizes circumstances as appointments from God.

Sometimes we wish that God would give us His appointment book. Divine opportunities are routinely created to share His Word when the eyes of faith are opened to look for them. It’s helpful to remember that we can never take God by surprise, yet God uses surprises as the best way to be His witnesses.

  • Faith lives for Christ today

Each day is a gift from God. It is a prescribed day ordained for each soul at a certain point of our world’s history. When we focus on the present we seem to be far more able to experience God’s presence.

We witness well by becoming aware of God’s presence and power. It is the same God that is in control of our lives and of the world. We trust that nothing happens by accident and joyfully embrace divine opportunities to share His Word.

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