A Prayer for All Believers

Is there a call for Christians right now to step out in faith? Is this the day where believers in the West readjust their thinking, their culture, even their identity with Christ?

I offer the following prayer for all believers as we head into this weekend:

You, O Lord, are the one and only God, great and majestic beyond expression. Your creation alone reveals that You are a genius beyond all human understanding. Your love expressed in my salvation is so awesome that not even the angels can fathom. With my whole being I want to praise and glorify You.

Thank You for saving me. I recognize the tremendous cost of Your suffering and death. My sins, no matter how many or how great, have been all washed away. As far as the east is from the west, they are gone. Thank You for bringing me to believe that You are the Lord of all, my own personal Lord, the One who is in complete charge of my life. Transform within me a right attitude toward You by deliberately placing You, not myself, as the Center of my universe. I want Your will to be my will, O Lord — Your purpose to be my purpose. If my attitude or motive is insincere in this prayer or if my words and actions are bearing bitter fruit or no fruit at all, use whatever means necessary, Lord, harsh if necessary, to prune and correct me.


My Lord and God, You know far better than I my weaknesses and failings.  Yet, You called me by name. All my life is filtered through Your will.  My utmost desire is to be placed at the center of Your will, not mine. Because my mind is so apt to be selfishly absorbed with myself and my circumstances, may it please You to grant me a strong sense of Your constant presence with and within me. Help me to honor You in all my life, dying to myself, living for You, whether circumstances be good or bad.


O Lord, Your love for me is everlasting. Like a father has mercy on his children, I am amazed that You continue to have mercy on me. Train me and discipline me as a father would, so I may never turn from You. If it is Your desire and will to touch others through me, may I understand that some will reject You and Your message of grace. May I not take it personally or allow myself to become discouraged, but continue to love and pray for those whom You place in my midst.


May I continually remember that Your enemy and mine is seeking whom he might devour. Give me spiritual discernment to detect his presence in every matter and also give me discernment to do or say the right thing and the courage to follow through no matter what others might think or say. May I realize that my words and actions might be Yours.


Help me, Lord, to always remember that I am placed here to be a servant and at the same time, a servant filled with Your Spirit. Continue to lay Your hand upon my life and fill me daily with the Spirit, so my cup is always full. May I pursue excellence in all I do, no matter what or how humble it may be. Let me never become a slave to my flesh. Teach me self-discipline. Let me grasp onto each day as a gift from You and not waste my days just frittering away my time. Place the proper awe and reverence of You in my heart, O God, yet acknowledge the close relationship I have in You.  Create within me the gift of prayer, so I look upon it not as a necessary burden, but a time of close communion so that I may come before You in a manner that pleases You.


Grant me a proper attitude that joyfully and sincerely accepts the tasks You lay before me without expecting thanks or recognition from others. If there is opposition or great difficulties outside my control, help me to follow Your example and endure it quietly. Or if I should have times of blessing and abundance, stay closer to me then ever before and save me from my self. Let me never forget that I am only human created out of dust, a man crippled by the sin that dwells within me, and possessing a nature that is capable of unthinkable evil. I pray therefore, my Savior and Redeemer, save me from myself and from all the injuries I might do to myself or to others.


And now, my Lord and God, I consecrate my remaining days to You.  Let them be many or few, as You will. My times are in Your hands. I will go where you want me to go.  I will do what You desire me to do. I exist for you, Lord. And finally, when I am old and weary and too tired to go on, have a place ready for me in heaven according to Your promise.  I live for the day when You say, “Well done, good and faithful servant, well done” and include me among Your saints in glory. Then with all saints and angels I shall praise and magnify Your name eternally. Amen and amen.

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