A prayer to be ready this day

My first grandbaby was due on Valentine’s Day. My bags were packed and ready to go for several weeks – just waiting for the call from my daughter. I did not procrastinate one bit! Things got done on the spot to make sure I’m all ready to leave at a moment’s notice.

It got me thinking about being ready for Jesus’ return – not knowing exactly when He’s coming – being ready at a moment’s notice.

I think I’m ready to go whenever – I know God has claimed me as His own and because of Jesus, I get to go to heaven. However, I must confess that most of the time, there is no urgency in me towards those God has put in my life that I know are not heading down that narrow path – I procrastinate in building those bridges, procrastinate in planting those seeds, or put it off altogether. This waiting for this little grandchild to make her debut has been a good reminder for me.

Matthew 24:44

“So you also must be ready. The Son of Man will come at an hour when you don’t expect Him.”

“Dear amazing Jesus, You will come again at a time and day that is unannounced – it is like now, waiting for the call from my daughter that they are heading to the hospital – that the arrival of the new grandbaby is imminent. Help me to have that expectant kind of waiting for You. Help me to feel the urgency in not procrastinating in sharing You, planting those seeds, and extending Your love to others You have placed in my life that do not know You.

LORD, my heart aches for those who are lost and do now know the real You. They are blinded from Your truth. Soften their hearts. Use circumstances, people, or whatever to loosen the soil of their hearts, making it more receptive to the truths found in Your Word. Lead and direct all believers in ways to share You and Your Word that are meaningful.  Give us Your wisdom.

LORD, bless us in this time of waiting for You. In Your blessed name I pray. Amen.”

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